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Brown, Harry J., Ph.D.




English, Asbury Hall, Room 313
Greencastle, IN


Tenzer Family University Professor in Instructional Technology, Associate Professor of English and Chair of the English Department


Harry Brown (PhD, Lehigh University) teaches early American literature, Native American literature, literature of the environment, game studies, and cultural analytics. His first book, Injun Joe’s Ghost (2004), examines the figure of the Native American mixed-blood in American writing. His second, Videogames and Education (2008) considers the relation between video games and the humanities. He has published articles on American literature and culture in The Journal of American and Comparative Culture, Studies in Medievalism, and Paradoxa, as well as original fiction in Blueline and The Mississippi Review. His most recent research involves environmental crisis narratives and American gravestone verse. His recent courses include American Literature: Revolution and Renaissance, Native American Literature, American Literature and the Environment, and First Year Seminar: Introduction to Ludology.

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