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ENG 312A: Creative Writing II: Long Poems & Short Poems

Taught by Rodney Jones.

This course will be a combination of workshop and discussion that will explore the difference between the lyrical movements of short poems and the narrative movements of  long poems.  Texts for the short poems will include Jack Gilbert’s Refusing Heaven, Louise Gluck’s The Wild Iris, and James Wright’s The Branch Will Not Break.  Texts for the long poems will include Anne Carson’s Glass, Irony, and God, Robert Penn Warren’s Audubon:  A Vision, and C.D. Wright’s One Big Self:  An Investigation.  The workshop portion of the class will focus on student poetry that grows out of the discussions of the issues raised by the texts.  For a final project each student will be expected to submit a portfolio of eight poems and an essay on lyrical or narrative craft that will focus on a single poem or selection of poetry from one of the texts.