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ENG 393A:  Literature and Culture: Advanced Topics: 20th Century US Literature and the Working Class
Professor Altman 

This course is new, and still in planning stages. The general idea is to let students hear some of the voices of poor and working people in this country, and look at how socioeconomic inequality and the quest for socioeconomic justice have shaped American literature and the American life-world.

The class will be discussion-based. We’ll read mostly literature (fiction, poetry, memoir) but also some ethnographies of working-class communities and some labor movement history, and possibly a little literary criticism and theory.  Race, gender, and immigration will be in the picture throughout.

If you sign up for this course, you should be prepared to read a lot, write frequently, and develop an independent final project.

I’d be happy to talk with people about the course as I continue to develop it, and would welcome any suggestions.