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Research Experience/Job Opportunities/Graduate Programs

These opportunities are condensed from materials sent to DePauw's math department.

Study Off-Campus

Budapest (pdf) - Spend a semester studying mathematics in Budapest

  • Fall Semester - Deadline of April 30 each year
  • Spring Semester - Deadline of November 1 each year

Summer Undergraduate Research


Summer Graduate Research





Indianapolis Teaching Fellows - The Indianapolis Teaching Fellows program, an initiative of Indianapolis Public Schools, is calling on outstanding individuals to become teachers in Indianapolis Public Schools and positively impact the academic achievement of its students.

Grad School Information



Jobs Available in Mathematics

Indianapolis Public Schools is looking for outstanding individuals to become part of the Indianapolis Teaching Fellows program and to commit to raising student achievement in Indianapolis. It is well known that students in IPS are falling far behind state averages in achievement in math. We are an alternate route certification program seeking candidates with backgrounds in math and science to bring their experiences, knowledge, and records of achievement to the classroom to positively impact the lives of the city’s children. 
As the spring semester approaches, we realize that many graduating students are beginning to think about their post college career. Many of your talented, accomplished students would make wonderful Teaching Fellows. 
For more information, please visit our website at