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Off-Campus Extended Studies Course

May or Winter Term off-campus study course with a theme related to the French language.

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Michael Seaman

183MA: History, Art History, and Language of Northeastern Italy (off-campus)

This course explores Italy through an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on the history, art, architecture, and language of an area that has undergone significant cultural transformation over two millennia. Northeastern Italy, at the crossroads of three distinct cultures (Italian, Germanic and Slavic) is an area that has seen countless invasions since the Roman period and is therefore a unique territory that bears witness to continuous cultural transformation. History has left it uniquely rich not only in art and architecture but also in a fusion of cultures. There are in this small area eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, noted for their outstanding value to humanity (we will visit seven), with two other cities currently on the UNESCO wait-list and slated for approval soon (we will visit these two cities as well). Our interdisciplinary course is composed of two basic parts, each taught by one of the instructors: History and Art History of Northeastern Italy (Prof. Michael Seaman and Italian Language and Culture (Prof. Francesca Seaman). More detailed information (e.g. cities to be visited, language covered, art to be studied, syllabus, and daily course schedule) is available upon request. Daily buffet breakfast and 15 carefully planned group meals are also included.

For more information about this course, including costs, please visit the Horizons off campus study system at then select "May" in the Term dropdown menu and click Apply Search. For DePauw Extended Studies offerings, the provider will be DePauw University Extended Studies. To apply to participate in this course, select the "Welcome" tab in Horizons and login.