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Chinese Conversation

Designed to improve communication skills in Mandarin Chinese, with special focus on the four tones and on acquiring useful terms and phrases for daily conversation. Prerequisite: CHIN 262 or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
CHIN 262 or permission of instructor 1 course

Current Semester Information

Sandro Barros

EXP5A: EXP:ESL Training&Dvlpmt

EXP:ESL Training & Development

The purpose of this EXP course is to expose students interested in bilingual education or teaching English as a Second Language abroad to practical and theoretical information related to the discipline. Thus, this course is primarily directed to students at DePauw applying to programs such as AmeriCorps, Teach for America or Fulbright Language Assistantship. The class will meet every other week for a period of 75 minutes. Students will gain practical field experience every week through tutoring and in-class teaching demonstrations. Students' teaching techniques will be peer-reviewed, analyzed and critiqued in order to provide participants a greater understanding of those tasks involved in classroom management and one-on-one tutoring settings. We will have access to videos, accessible texts discussing current theories and methods in language instruction and cross-cultural development materials in order to critically analyze their strengths, advantages and shortcomings.

Students will be expected to:

1. Participate in classroom discussions in an informed way;
2. Participate in teaching demonstrations and be open to peer-critique;
3. Be available one hour a week (TBA) to work with foreign students at a tutor capacity or within a formal classroom settings at local schools or on campus.

Assessment of your work will be on the basis of a P/F.