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PHIL 209


An introductory course to a systematic field of philosophy, history, philosophical movement, or set of philosophical problems. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

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1 course

Spring Semester information

Richard Lynch

209A: Tps:Feminist Ethics

Tps:Feminist Ethics

Roughly the first half of the semester will be devoted to an overview of feminist approaches to ethical problems and ethical issues of particular importance for feminists. Among the topics that we'll address are discrimination, oppression, identity, and violence (including sexual violence). We'll also consider feminist ethics as both a form of "applied ethics" and a more general framing attitude for ethical deliberations. On the basis of this introductory overview, we will then turn in the second half to a more focused examination of problems at the intersection between a major tradition of feminist ethics--care ethics--and a contemporary trend impacting ethical deliberation--globalization. What constitutes care? To what extent is care or caregiving a practice, and to what extent is it an ethical attitude? Can it be fairly characterized as "feminist" or "feminine," and what dangers are there in such characterizations? How do the facts of globalization, and increasing migration of women and caregivers across international borders, challenge or recast our conceptions of care? May be repeated for credit with different topics. May not be taken pass-fail.