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Soar to new heights with BASE ~ Delve into atoms with DUAMOP ~ Dive into High Speed Fluid Dynamics ~ or Explore Chemistry & Physics with DeCCaPh!

BASE (Balloon Assisted Stratospheric Experiments)

The Balloon Assisted Stratospheric Experiments (BASE) project is operated under the Physics & Astronomy Department at DePauw University with Dr. Howard Brooks.

DUAMOP (DePauw University Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics)

DUAMOP is Dr. John Caraher's research program exploring atomic, molecular and optical physics (as well as a play on the American Physical Society's division for study of AMO physics, DAMOP).

DeCCaPh (DePauw Collaboration in Chemistry and Physics)

DePauw Collaboration in Chemistry and Physics is an interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance and expand research in Physics and Chemistry at DePauw University.

High Speed Fluid Dynamics 

Dr. Jacob Hale uses high-speed imaging for research in physics and other physical sciences.

High Energy Gamma Ray Astrophysics 

Dr. Mary Kertzman uses KASCADE to provide a complete 3D simulation of cosmic ray and gamma ray induced air showers.