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Beth Roberts

I joined DePauw University as Physics Lab Supervisor & Part Time Faculty in the Fall semester, 2011.  Here are some links to help you explore, enjoy, and understand... 

Have you ever seen the International Space Station fly overhead?!   Just enter your zip code!

Prefer a Ground Track View? Check out, and this “Local Info” link!

  •  This site also has information on other planets, their moons, other satellites…

Field Guide ~ Galactic Navigation!   Thanks to NASA, Harvard University, & Chandra!

Milky Way Galaxy ~ Cardiff University   View in variety of wavelengths. 

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU’s) ~  Funded by NSF (National Science Foundation)

  •  Yes, they pay you! Experience for that resume you’ll be writing soon!
  •  Meet new people in new places and do new science.  What could possibly be better than that?!

Additional Research Opportunities ~ All Levels ~ International Undergraduate Students

Cool Physics Links 

Cool Astronomy Links 


~ Physics & Math & Everything Else Link!  (K-12 Level)

~ MIT Open Courseware (College Level, Undergraduate & Graduate)

~ Open Courseware (Many Universities, College Level)

Physics 120 Lab Documents      Physics 130 Lab Documents

"Logger Pro" software (download & install)

"LinReg" software (page 2, follow link to download & install)

Sample Student Report