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DePauw's Election Watch 2012

Students and faculty from departments across campus came together in the UB Ballroom on Election night to watch the election results, listen to round table discussions and student update presentations, and hear performances by DePauwcapella and The Mongrel Dogs.



7-8pm Round Table 1: The Ethics of Voting
8-9pm Round Table 2 – Women in the 2012 Election
9:00-9:20 Depauwcapella
9:20-10pm Round table 3 – Beyond the Candidates: Outside Influences on the Election
10-11 Mongrel Dogs

Round Tables and Participants

Round Table 1: The Ethics of Voting

  • Prof. Jeff Dunn (Assistant Prof. Phil) – How Should We Vote?
  • Prof. Claudia Mills (Frederick Distinguished Visiting Prof. of Ethics, Associate Prof. Phil) – How Informed Must Voters Be to Vote Responsibly?
  •  Prof. Bob Steele (Phyllis W. Nicholas Director of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics and Distinguished Prof. of Journalism Ethics) – The Ethics of Election News Coverage
  • Jimmy Kirkpatrick (Pols maj) – The Case for Not Voting.
  • Jonathan Rosario (Pols maj) – Institutional Barriers to Voting 

Round Table 2: Women and the 2012 Election

  • Prof. Maryann Gallagher (Assistant Prof. Pols) – Women in Congress by the Numbers
  • Prof. Christy Holmes (Assistant Prof. Wmns) – The “War on Women”
  • Dr. Sue Brennan (Instructor in the Humanities, Excel Center, Indianapolis) – Women, Satire, and Elections
  • Prof. Brett O’Bannon (Associate Prof. Pols, Director CFT) – Women in Office: A Comparative Perspective

Round Table 3: Beyond the Candidates: Outside Influence on the Election

  • Prof. Deepa Prakash (Assistant Prof. Pols) – Social Media & Pop Culture
  • Prof. Mark Tatge (Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Prof. of Journalism, Prof. of Communication and Theater) – Citizens United’s Influence on the Media
  • Anthony Baratta (Assistant Director of Sustainability) – Interest Groups
  • Prof. Chris Marcoux (Assistant Prof. Pols) – Hurricane Sandy and Natural Disasters’ Influences on Elections


DePauw's Election Watch 2012 was co-sponsored by the Political Science Department, the Departments of Communication and Theater, D3TV, WGRE, The DePauw, College Democrats, College Republicans, DePauw After Dark, and the President's Office.