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Angela Flury

Associate Professor of English --on leave 2014-2015 --

Angela Flury received her Ph.D. in comparative literature, with designated emphases in critical theory and gender studies, from the University of California, Davis. Dating back to her dissertation, her interest in fashion studies has led her to teach an upper level course, Fiction, Women, Fashion, the focus of which is the ever complicated relationship of women to fashion in the works of writers like Flaubert, Veblen, Dreiser, Larsen, Wharton, and Winterson. Her article “Women in Pink,” co-authored with Dr. Susan Kaiser, appeared (translated into German) in Zeitschrift für Semiotik, in the 2005 fall issue “The Semiotics of Clothing.” Like her dissertation, the article explores the nostalgia for the 1950s through a pink lens by focusing on intersections of gender and race. Angela’s scholarly interests include the history of the novel, translation studies, and visual studies. At the moment she is developing a film studies course—under the rubric Women and Literature—that examines representations of the so-called femme fatale in various aesthetic, historical, and cinematic contexts.