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Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Courses – Spring 2015

WS 140A Introduction to Women’s Studies
Alicia Suarez 10:20-11:20 MWF

WS 140B Introduction to Women’s Studies
Tamara Beauboeuf 10:00-11:30 TR

WS 250A Queer Theory/Queer Lives
Meryl Altman 2:20-3:50 TR

WS 290A U.S. Women’s Autobiographies
Karen Wimbley 8:20-9:50 TR

WS 332A/ SOC 332A Women, Culture & Identity
Tamara Beauboeuf 12:40-2:10 TR

WS 340 A Feminist Theory
Meryl Altman 10:00-11:30 TR

WS EXPA Senior Thesis Workshop
Meryl Altman 7:00-8:50 PM T

ANTH 390B Gender Across Cultures
Staff 12:30-1:30 MWF

ENG 264A U.S. Women’s Autobiographies
Karin Wimbley 8:20-9:50 TR

HIST 278A U.S. Women’s History 1890-present
Barbara Steinson 10:00-11:30 TR

PHIL 209A Feminist Ethics
Richard Lynch 2:20-3:50 TR

PHIL 242A Philosophy of Sex & Gender
Dan Shannon 2:50-3:50 MWF

POLS 390A Gender & World Politics
Brett O’Bannon 10:00-11:30 TR

REL 370A Buddhism & Gender
Su Jung Kim 12:40-3:30 T

SOC 210A Gender and Society
Danielle Kane 1:40-2:40 MWF