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Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Courses – Fall 2014

WS 140A Introduction to Women’s Studies
Christina Holmes 8:20-9:50 TR

WS 140B Introduction to Women’s Studies
Tamara Beauboeuf 10:00-11:30 TR

WS 260A Women of Color in the US
Tamara Beauboeuf 12:40-2:10 TR

ANTH 290a Perspectives on Anthropology and Gender in South Asia
Mona Bhan 2:20-3:50 MW

ARTH 334A Women and East Asian Art 
Pauline Ota 10:00-11:30 TR 

ENG 264A Topics:  Women, Writing, A Space
Susan Hahn 12:40-2:10 TR

SOC 212A Sociology of Family
David Newman 10:20-11:20 MWF

SOC 333A Intimate Violence
Rebecca Bordt 10:20-11:20 MWF

PHIL 242A Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Daniel Shannon 12:30-1:30 MWF

CLST 300A/ENG 390A Greece and Gender: 
Ancient Texts and Modern Versions
Meryl Altman 2:20-3:50 TR

REL 320A Genesis & Gender
Valarie Ziegler 10:30-11:30 TR

WS 350A Feminist Inquiry
Christina Holmes 12:30-3:20 W

WS 370A Topics:  Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism
Christina Holmes 2:20-3:50 TR

WS 370B/SOC 342A Women, Health and Social Control
Alicia Suarez 12:30-1:30 MWF

WS 440A Women’s Studies Senior Thesis
WS EXPA Senior Thesis Workshop 
Meryl Altman [Arranged]

SOC 197SA  FYS:  Man UP:  Unpacking Men and Masculinity
Matthew Oware  10:00-11:30 TR