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Courses for Fall 2016

Something for everybody.

 Anthropology of Gender (ANTH 255A)
     Rebecca Upton      10-11:30 TR

Gender and Theatre  (COMM 315A)
     Susan Anthony      8:20-9:50 TR

Educating Women (EDUC 350A/ WGSS 355A)
     Tamara Beauboeuf      10-11:30 TR

Women, Writing, a Space (ENG 264A)
     Susan Hahn       2:20-3:40 MW

Misbehaving in the Middle Ages (ENG 390A)
     Tamara Stasik      2:20-3:50

Desire in Film (ENG 395A/FILM 311A/WGSS 370D)
     Angela Flury      8:20-9:50MW

Witchcraze in Early Modern Europe (HIST336A)
     Barbara Whitehead      12:40-2:10

Philosophy of Sex and Gender (PHIL 242A)
     Daniel Shannon 12:30-1:30 MWF

Gender and Sexuality in Comics (SOC 197SA, first-year seminar)
     Kelley Hall 12:30-1:30 MWF

Gender and Society (SOC210A)
     Danielle Kane      10-11:30TR

 Sociology of Family (SOC 212A)
     David Newman      1:40-2:40 MWF

Girls, Women, Deviance, and Social Control (SOC 301B/WGSS 370B)
     Alicia Suarez 10:20-11:20 MWF

Introduction to Women’s Studies (WGSS 140A)
     Karin Wimbley      12:40-2:10 TR

Introduction to Women’s Studies (WGSS 140B) 
     Christina Holmes      2:20-3:50 TR

Growing Up Girl (WGSS 197A, first-year seminar)
     Tamara Beauboeuf  12:40-2:10 TR

Women of Color in the US (WGSS 260A)
     Leigh-Anne Goins      10-11:30 TR

Feminist Inquiry (WGSS 350A) 
     Christina Holmes      7-8:30 pm MW

Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism (WGSS 362A)
     Christy Holmes 12:30-3:20 W

Political Economy of Women (WGSS 370A)
     Meryl Altman 2:20-3:50 TR

Women and the Internet WGSS 370C
     Leigh-Anne Goins 12:40-2:10

and the Senior Thesis workshop (WGSS EXPA) -- a quarter-credit class open to all majors.
      Meryl Altman 7-8:50 pm T