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Women's Studies Courses

Spring 2014

ARTH235A                   Women and Medieval Art        AH, W course
Anne Harris                             12:30-1:30 MWF

COMM291A                 Virgins and Vamps
Susan Anthony                         10:20-11:20 MWF

COMM 315A                Gender & Theatre
Susan Anthony                         12:40-2:10 TR

ENG 390A                    Women and Literature: Science, Nature, Environment
Marion McInnes                        9:10-10:10 MWF

PHIL309B                     Feminist Ethics
Richard Lynch                          10:00-11:30 TR

REL 354A                     Women & Gender in Islam
Jeffrey Kenney                          12:40-2:10 TR

SOC 217A                     Queer Theory/Queer Lives       SS
Kelley Hall                               8:20-9:50 TR

SOC333A                      Intimate Violence
Rebecca Bordt                           10:20-11:20 MWF

SOC342A                      Women, Health, and Social Control
Alicia Suarez                            12:30-1:30 MWF

WS 140A                      Introduction to Women’s Studies         SS, W course
Susan Hahn                              2:20-3:50 TR

WS 140B                       Introduction to Women’s Studies         SS
Christina Holmes                      10:00-11:30 TR

WS 140C                       Introduction to Women’s Studies         SS
Christina Holmes                      8:20-9:50 TR

WS250A                       Queer Theory/Queer Lives       SS
Kelley Hall                               8:20-9:50 TR

WS 290A                       Transnational Feminisms         W course
Christina Holmes                      2:20-3:50 MW

WS 340A                      Feminist Theory
Anne Harris                             12:40-2:10 TR

WS440A                       Senior Thesis
Anne Harris                             TBA

WS EXP                        Senior Thesis Workshop – 
                                    open to ALL gender topics from ALL majors!
Anne Harris                             TBA