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Fall 2011: HON 191 Research Experience I

Note for First Year SRF (only) Students: This class is taken in addition to your First Year Seminar class. We will register you in the class in August. You cannot do so via on-line registration. Keep Thursday afternoon 12:40--3:30 pm open in your schedule for SRF-HON 191.

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SRF Student-Faculty Collaborative Projects for Spring/Summer, 2012

Students are enrolled in HON 192 for 0.5 credit spring semester and begin the preliminary work on their summer research project at that time. During the summer they receive a stipend and stay at DePauw and work full-time for 10 weeks (some projects may be NOTE TO STUDENTS: Some of these projects are split semester meaning they will not begin until after spring break and will continue into the 1st 7 weeks of fall semester. IF you plan on being off campus for fall semester 2012, you cannot choose one of those projects.

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