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Fall 2012: HON 191 Research Experience I

A list of current projects and groups

Prof. Scott Ross, Dept. of Psychology
Project: The Psychology of Csikszentmihalyi's Flow: Investigating Relations to Personality and Achievement
Maya Arcilla, Doug Tipsword, Hengshuo Zhang, Ellie Hoover, Adam May

Prof. James Mills, Dept. of Geosciences 
Project: Tree Sensitivity to Climate Change in Putnam County, Indiana

Ben Harsha, Rudra Vishweshwar, Weiqing Zhang, Peter Konieczny, Julia Roell

Prof. Jacob Hale, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy 

Project: High Speed Classical Phenomena: Imaging, Analysis and Education 

Hannah Lukemeyer, Tao Qian, Sterling Brooks, Michael Tobin, Nicholas Moore