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INTERNSHIP LOCATIONS and what's new for summer 2013:

Keep in mind that internships are becoming increasingly competitive as all colleges/universities are encouraging their students to obtain these important and valuable hands-on experiences. The best advice we can give is: Keep up your grades and make sure you have lined up faculty members to write a good letter of recommendation. Apply early. Get help with cover letters and resumes from the Office of Career Services for professional appearance and content. Apply to as many as interest you. Do not limit your applications to specific geographic areas. Talk to other students about their internships. Talk with faculty. Do not wait until the last minute to apply.

U.S. Locations: (The first list is continuing opportunities--scroll down for New in 2013 opportunities)

General REU site (Research Experience for Undergraduates): This is the best place to start! or or

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN;

National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD Student Research Opportunities:

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, Long Island, NY;

American Astronomical Society; REU Site (approx. 30 sites listed):

Amgen Scholars Program in Biotechnology:;

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL;

Mayo Clinic; Undergraduate Research Internships;

Washington University, St. Louis, MO; unergraduate research internships:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Janelia Undergraduate Scholars;

University of Missouri, Columbia; 

Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia, Mountain Lake, VA 

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; Batavia, IL for Physics majors;

Rocky Mt. Biological Station, Crested Butte, Colorado; (Nicole Stone, DPU '09 did this one in summer of 2006; amazing!)

California Institute of Technology; SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships) or MURF (Minority Undergraduate Research Fellowships) MANY to choose from (Tia Malcom did this one in summer of 2008; loved it!)

I know some of you have heard about the opportunity at Mass. Gen'l Hospital/Harvard/Mucosal Immunology lab; you cannot apply for this independently; you must go through the SRF office after talking with Tavia about it in the fall semester; resume/cover letter/2 rec. letters/junior status/good gpa required; Deadline for appl. is late November.

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Jobs online:

Ornithological Society of America posts summer jobs on-line at

Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Jobs online:


E.P.A. Research and Devleopment Job Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates: Check this one out! Many opportunities :

DAAD/Rise; Research Internships in Science/Engineering; Biology/Chem/Physics/EarthSciences; in Germany (!); This is a great program and NO you don't have to speak German. You will work with German PhD students, there is a cultural emersion segment at beginning of summer; we've had several DPU students do this one and they loved it. Deadline in 2011 for online app is January 31, 2011

University of Cincinnati Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships: has several different programs depending on your interest. They bring in over 1500 students per summer. Other opportunities: PSTP - Summer Physician Scientist Training Program

SURPCC - Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Cancer and Cell Biology

SURPN - Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Neuroscience

CCHMC - Undergraduate Summer Student Program at the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation

STING - Summer Training IN Genetics in the Department of Molecular Genetics

NIH- Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Functional Genomics and Cell Biology

SPEP - Summer Premedical Enrichment Program

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine

REWU - Research Experiences for Women Undergraduates

NSF REU Site Program in Membrane Science, Technology, & Applications

ASPET SURF - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Pharmacology, Toxicology, & Pharmaceutical Sciences

REWU - Summer Program, Research Experiences for Women Undergraduates


International Locations

Combining an internship with a semester/summer study abroad program can be coordinated through the DePauw Center for Experiential and International Education and the SRF Director, H. Eppley. Plan well in advance (1 yr) to organize these incredible academic opportunities.

New! EURO Scholars: European Undergraduate Research Opportunities: EuroScholars is a unique study abroad program for advanced undergraduates whereby students can conduct research at a high caliber institution while taking a language and culture class. The EuroScholars program is targeted at highly talented students from the USA and Canada. These students are welcome to request more information on this innovative program. Select a research program of your choice from and fill our the application form. Then contact the project supervisor to discuss a match between your interest and the research project and sign the learning agreement. Select from 12 leading European Research Universities. Here's the link: Euroscholars Deadline for applications: Oct.1st, 2011 for spring semester,2012 and April 1st, 2012 for fall semester, 2012. 500 (Euros) scholarships available for students with 3.5 gpa.

The School for Field Studies; check Bulletin boards by Julian 280 or in Biology Dept. (Note: These are not necessarily 'research' programs and must be pre-approved by SRF Director)

DAAD/Rise : in Germany! Great program; see information in list above

Most DePauw Science Department websites have links to summer internship information that they have received. Some information is shared. Some isn't. Note for DePauw University International students: The opportunities highlighted in GREEN are ones where US Citizenship is not a requirement.

Summer 2013:  

We should begin to receive information beginning in early to mid October and I will post them as I get them. Please know that many of the previous year opportunities will continue into summer 2013, so check out the list below and line up the ones for which you are most interested. Be ready to apply (i.e. Get your resume up to date. Have a rough draft cover letter ready to go. Talk with faculty members about recommending you) as soon as the new applications come on line.

Summer 2012: 

REU in Sensing and Signaling Research for Undergraduates--May 28-Aug. 3, 2012; Cell Biol; Genetics; Biochem; Biophys; avail to sophomores and juniors; $5000 stipend; travel, housing, supplies;; deadline for application is Monday, March 30

Western Kentucky University; NSF-REU in INvestigative Biotechnology--Runs May 29-August 3, 2012; Rising Juniors and Seniors; must have taken core courses in sciences, Biology--Chem--Math--C.S.; $500 per week stipend, housing, meals, travel allowance, lab supply monies. Applications accepted on rolling basis means APPLY NOW--once positions are full-you're out of luck. Friday, March 2 is absolute deadline.

University of Las Vegas REU for Environmental Microbiology; big stipend (5000.00) airfare and housing in dorm; Program runs June 4-Aug. 10, 2012; for application. Deadline for application is March 9, 2012. You need one page statement of interest, transcripts, and one letter of recommendation from science faculty member.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey--RiSe (Research in Science and Engineering) Summer 2012 program;; over 30 programs in sciences/math/ etc. biomedical, sustainable fuels, nanotechnology for clean energy, stem cells, cullular bioengineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc. stipend, housing and travel allowance; rolling application means apply NOW--once positions are filled--that's it.

Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium: REU Marine Sciences Fellowship: Dauphin Islande Sea Lab; 12 weeks; $5,400 stipend, room & board , travel assistance; Application deadline: Feb 12, 2012: Online application/ college trascripts, 2 letters of rec. and statement of career goals and research interests:

For more opportunities; Dauphin Island, Alabama

The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) is a 10-weekpaid summer internship with opportunities in the USDepartment of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, for womenand minority students who are currently enrolled in Science,Technology (IT), Engineering, and Math majors at anaccredited college or university. MLEF MISSIONProvide opportunities for educational advancement andcareer development through an award winning internshipprogram for women and minority students in Science,Technology (IT), Engineering and Math. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must be a US citizen; Undergraduate students completing their sophomore year in Spring 2012 through PhD candidate; Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above Application deadline is December 31, 2011. The start date for the summer internship program is June 4, 2012.For more information about DOE/FE and to complete theMLEF application, please visit our webpage: Email:


Georgia Tech; Chem & Biochem undergrads; May 21-July 27 (10 wks); NSF-REU and 3M Corp; $5,000 stipend, travel allowance, housing. Must be US citizen, Analytical, Biolgoical, Inorganic, Organi c, Physical and Polymer chem; Dealine for application is Feb 15, 2012; Notifications by March 30. also check out Chemistry Summer theory Program, Organic Photonic and Electronic Materials Program and Aquatic Chemical Ecology Programs all REU's at Georgia Tech

An American in Paris--Pasteur-Paris University International Program; 2012 Undergrad. Internship Applications due Dec. 16, 2011; US Citizens in Jr. or senior year only;

Univ. of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Summer Undergrad Research Program 2012 is now up! Feb. 15, 2012 deadline; ; for students in STEM disciplines; for more info:

US Dept of Homeland Security; STEM Summer Internships; $5000 stipend; 10 weeks; C.S. math, chem, biology, environ science; Projects located at National research laboratories--Argonne, Idaho, Livermore, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Pacific Northwest, Savannah River, Appl is open NOW!

Oklahoma State University; Dept. of Psychology; Biological basis of human and animal behavior; REU Summer 2012: Program dates: June 2, 2012-July 29, 2012 ; Applicaiont Deadline: February 1, 2012; To be eligible, students must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program. Students must be returning seniors, not receiving their bachelor’s degree before December 2012. Each student will reside in a campus dormitory (at no cost to the student) and receive $500 per week to cover food and other living expenses. Students will receive a $500 travel stipend to pay for their travel to and from campus and a $500 additional stipend, if students present research at an academic conference.;


SUMMER 2011: (many of these continue into 2012 so check their website)

New 2/11/11: Environmental Microbiology at University of Las Vegas; Students receive a $5,000 stipend ($500 per week), travel subsidy, and complimentary housing in a UNLV dormitory. The program dates are June 6 to Aug 12, 2011 Please direct your students to the list of mentors and the on-line application at The deadline for applications is Friday March 11, 2011.

BRAND new for Summer 2011 (avail. in 2012 too) Biological Basis of Human and Animal Behavior at Oklahoma State University Students may contact mentors for more information about their research before they submit an application, if they would like to do so. Students who have any general questions can contact me directly. Shelia Kennison, Ph.D. Please encourage any interested to students to apply. They will live in dorms and get a stipend of $500 per week for eight weeks. Feel free to circulate to other faculty and staff. We have 10 mentors who are eager to work with students on research; five mentors work with animals and five mentors work with humans. 

Loyola Univ. (Chicago); REU in Chemistry/Biochemistry: $4500 stipend; $2000 housing allowance; $500 travel allowance to attend a science conference; 10 week program; May 31 thru Aug. 5, 2011; ; Apps due by March 1st; students have the ability to select preferred mentors at time of application--see the website.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center R.E.U. Program; For Non-US students too!; 10 week appts arranged if selected; $450/wk stipend; dormitory housing avail.; personal vehicle strongly recomm. due to rural location; Feb 1st deadline for online app for summer program; this opportunity provides not only summer but academic semester internships too(!); is the application pge; This is located on the Chesapeake Bay. Super Cool!

Rutgers, State University of New Jersey; RISE (Research in Science and Engineering) REU;; Applicants should be motivated to pursue graduate study; biol, physical and behav.sciences, math; ; renewable and sustainable fuels, nonotechn., stem cell, pharmac. engiv. clean energy, Rolling admission NOW--ends end of January; apply, biol, chem, physics, competitive stipend, housing, transporta.; Deadline is FEB 1, 2011

Western Kentucky University RUE in investigative biotechnology; 19 different projects; Biol/Chem/Math/C.S.; stipend $480/wk, housing, meals, travel, lab supplies; Apps due by FEB 4, 2011;

University of Tennessee/Knoxville: Dept. of Biochemistry and Cellular/Molecular Biol; Sensing and Signaling Research; June 6-July 29, 2011, stipend, housing; MARCH 30 deadline;

Virginia Tech REU Site Program in Ghana; University of Cape Coast, Ghana; May-July, 2011; ecology, environmental science, conservation biology; Kakum National Forest, weekly seminars and workshops, field trips to cultural sites on weekend; airfare, stipends, room/board provided; FEB 11, 2011 deadline;

NASA; deadline for online app is March 1st;; can apply for up to 15 opportunities on the site;

Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln: ; math,bioenergy, biomedical, chem, nanomat, optics, laser physics, redox biol, biochem, virology; Apps. due by March 1st; Reviews begin on Feb. 15th (you'd be smart to have your app in by 2/15);

Synchrotron Radiation Center; May 31-Aug 6, 2011; Research Experience at National Light Source-Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; rising juniors/seniors; US cit; 3.0 gpa; ultranonocrystalline diamond, coherent electron radiation; exotic low dimensional materials, biological disease research, atomic photo-ionization, environmental problems such as effects of global warming on algae; $5000 stipend; food allowance; housing; transportation; health insur; no fees or tuition costs; http;//; Feb. 15th deadline

Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS); fees/tuition covered; US citizens; earn college credits; research opps.; 8 programs in the US: Boston Univ; Emory Univ; Univ. of Iowa; NC State Univ-Duke; Univ. of Pittsburgh; Univ. of S.Florida; St.Louis; Univ. of wisconsin; App. open Now! Individual Universities also have info about their program.

SURF Gaitherburg, Maryland;; Six laboraties in the Gaithersburg area participate; Biochem; Biol; Chem; C.S.; Engin; Math; Physics; Statistics; Deadline is Feb. 15th

Chemistry at KU; May 25-Aug. 2, 2011; Stipen ($3600), room/board, one hour acad. credit; travel allowance; Deadline for app is FEb. 14, 2011;

Center for Computational Quantum Chemsitry--University of Georgia; Chem, Physics and Math majors; $2000 per month and $400 travel;; App. deadline is Feb. 1, 2011

Stowers Scholars Program; Kansas City, Missouri at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research;

NSF/REU Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry--Miami University; Analytical,Inorgan,Biochem, Biophys,Nanotech, ; $5000 stipend, housing, travel, App. deadline is March 1st; chemreu@muconnect.muohio.eud or

UNCF/MERCK Science Initiative in bilogical, chemical and engineering A.A. students--summer internship program; college juniors, 3.3 gpa; Apply by Dec. 1st;

Univ. of Cincinnati ASPET Summer Undergraduate Reserach Fellowships: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmac. Science; June 14-Aug. 19, 2011; Deadline for applications is Feb. 15--notification by march 1st.

Amgen Scholars Undergraduate Summer Research program: 13 universities participate! MIT serves as the US program office and there are now 3 universities in Europe; Google it. There are 315 openings for this year.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL); Undergrad. internships avail. in summer; contact Truly Ani at or visit website at

VanAndel Institute; both a PhD program and summer research opportunities; Grand Rapids, MI; check the website:

Science Education Programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Visit ; Research profiles can be seen at YouTube: http;//

Dept. of Energy Scholars Program is now accepting applications for Summer '11: Energy security, nuclear security, environmental responsibility and management; looking for students in physical sciences, environ.sciences, computer sciences, physics, math, information technology; GPA must be 2.9/4.0; US Citizens only; January 31 deadline; visit: for info. : Several opportunities:


Undergraduate Research for Prospective Physician-Scientists and Physician-Engineers; 10 weeks; contact Dr. Rebecca Chan, IUSM, 317-278-5207

Microbiology Undergraduate Research for underrepresented students; stipend; app found at

Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research; contact Donna Fischer, 317-278-0746

STEM Summer Research Programs; 8 weeks; contact IUPUI Graduate Office 317-274-1577

Underrepresented students in biomedical and behavioral sciences; 9 week program; March 1 deadline; 3.2 gpa; must have completed 24 hr of college credit (or DPU students=8 classes) and majoring in biomedical or behavioral science. Contact IUPUI Grad Office at 317-274-1577


Gerstner Slaon-Kettering Summer Undergraduate Research Program; Biomedically interested sophomores/juniors; 3.0 min. GPA; general biology and/or intro. chemistry class completed; 2 letters of recommendation; applicant's inclination toward research as demonstrated in the application materials; 10 week program begins first Mon. in June; $3,000 stipend and housing provided; Deadline for appl. materials is Feb. 1st; and look for SURP link.

Univ. of Pittsburgh-2011 ASPET Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Program; Dept. of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology; May 23-July 29; $3,500 stipend; Application opens Nov. 1st (rolling app--means apply early--they will fill as they get good candidates); Application Closes March 1, 2011;

Dow Agro Sciences; Biology/Chem/Informatics/Agric.related majors; students in junior year preferred but not absolute; Cover letter; resume; gpa; laboratory and field positions available; DECEMBER 31st, 2010 deadline; should receive your application; go online to:

New!! Janelia Farms Undergraduate Scholars in Asburn, Virginia; June 7-Aug. 12, 2011; $4,500 stipend, housing, travel; need to submit resume, transcripts and two letters of recommendation; two short essays--it's all online at: DEADLINE is JANUARY 14, 2011. Do not have to be US citizen. Check this one out! It sounds amazing.


Summer 2010

Swallow Biology Field Research; Cornell Univer. sponsored in Canada; Golondrinas de las Americas (Swallows of the Americas;; early may to mid July; send application to Caren Cooper This is being posted 2/16/10--send app. NOW!
A complete application includes a cover letter, CV or resume, and names and contact information for two professional references.

Dept. of Commerce; Postsecondary Internships: 31 May-10 weeks; Washington DC; US Citizens, April 30th absolute deadline but encourage earlier apps; (posted 2/16/10)

Idaho State University; May 17-July 23, 2010; Premier Physics and Nuclear Science programs at ISU; topics include-applied nucl.physics, applied accelerator physics, helath physics and rediobiology, materials science and radiation effects; stipend=$4500, room/bd provided, travel expense; US citizens only (NSF funded); Fun includes white water rafting, Yellowstone National park, camping, hiking! Application details: ; Deadline: March 5th (posted 2/16/10)

University of Alabama Summer Undergraduate Research Participation Program: Dept. of Chemsitry--Deadline for app is March 1st; $5000 stipend; 10 week program begins May 31st; housing provided; or write Dr. John Vincent, Dept. of Chem, Univ. of Alabama, Box 870336, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0336

Mucosal Immunolgy Laboratories; Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Boston, Mass. ; sponsor: Dr. A. Walker (DPU alum); this internship is available to students through the SRF office only; cover letter, resume and letter(s) or recommendation are due to Tavia by Dec. 15th only after discussing this with her. Open to any qualified DPU science/pre-med student with good academic record and previous lab. experience. This one no longer avail. for summer '11; ask again in fall '11 for summer '12

University of North Carolina at Greensboro:; 8 week REU--May 31-July 23; Interdisciplinary students--this is a good one for you!; $3,500 plus housing; Deadline is Feb. 1st!!!

University of Kansas Chemistry REU: May 26-Aug. 3; stipend $3,600; room/board, one hour academic credit; travel allowance; app. deadline is Feb. 15; website for info is: and application can be found at:

Stowers Scholars Program for Medical Research: (new!): junior yr completed; 3.5 gpa+; biol.biochem,molec.biol, chem, physics,c.s., math; $3000 stipend; housing; need pre-employment certification form-statement of interest-official transcript-letters of rec; this is in Kansas City, Missouri; info can be found at and the app. can be found at: ; program is only 8 weeks--June 6 thru July 30

University of Pittsburgh; Summer REU; Pharmacology and Chemical Biology; for students considering a career in biomdical research; 10 weeks-May 24-July 30; $3,500 stipend; Application opens on Nov. 1--deadline is March 1--early is better than later to apply to this one!

Dartmouth College: R.E.U. 2010 in Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology; 9 weeks-June 15-Aug 13; $4,050 stipend, $750 lab supplies; paid housing; and click on Summer Program; Deadline is March 12, 2010

Summer Undergraduate Program at Gerstner Sloan-Kettering School of Biomedical Science; Stipend $3,000and housing; June 1-Aug 6; Deadline is Feb 1st; must have 3.0 gpa; prereq. general biology and general chem; two letters of recommendation;; Application form/ essay/ two letters of rec. from faculty members especially if a research advisor;

University of South Alabama; NSF-REU program 2010;"Structure and Function of Proteins" ; May 24-July 30; 3.0gpa; US Citizen or Perm.resident; ; $450/wk stipend; $50/wk food allow; $300 travel exp.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement, Scholarship and Fellowship Education Grant, Fiscal Year 2010;

1.. HR-FN-1009-NED01 - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement, Scholarship and Fellowship
Education Grant, Fiscal Year 2010. Closes 12/16/2009.

2. HR-FN-1009-NED02 - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement, Faculty Development Grant, Fiscal Year 2010. Closes 12/22/2009.

3. HR-FN-1009-NED03 - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement, Trade School and Community College Scholarship Grant, Fiscal Year 2010. Closes 12/16/2009.

4. HR-FN-1009-EDU4 - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Funding Opportunity Announcement, Nuclear Education Curricula Development
Grant, Fiscal Year 2010. Closes 2/01/2010.

Dept. of Commerce Postsecondary Internship Program in Maryland, Virginia, DC: Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU); US Citizens only, 10 week summer or 15 week academic semester opportunities; $450/$550 per week stipend; $125 housing allowance/wk; travel reimburs; ; Trascript, two references, resume, application Fax (only) all documents to 1.865.241.5220 attn: Alicia Wells

California Instit. of Technology; Summer Research; Pasadena, California; ; (Tia Malcom, Biochem,'10 did this in 2008--loved it! ask her); Deadline for app. is Feb--check the website--dates not yet posted.; June 16-Aug. 21 program; Full time US College students who areInternational students are eligible for this!

Univ. Texas Southwestern; Quantitative and Physical Sciences (Biophysics, Computat.Biology, Systems Biology, Quanti. and Analytical Chemistry); for Math, C.S. , Physics, Chem., Students; ; Deadline is Feb. 9, 2010

Southwestern (Univ. Texas) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences--Undergraduate Summer Opportunties(SURF program);Numerous (see website; Jun 7-Aug. 13; $4,000 stipend,; Deadline to apply is Feb. 9, 2010--on-line application; transcripts, reference letters needed

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) program, is offering Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) undergraduate fellowships for bachelor level students in environmental fields of study.
Subject to availability of funding, the Agency plans to award approximately 30 new fellowships..Eligible students will receive support for their junior and senior years of undergraduate study and for an internship at an EPA facility during the summer between their junior and senior years. The fellowship provides up to $19,250 per year of academic support and up to $8,000 of internship support for a three-month summer period.For all information on how to apply visit: Center for Environmental Research
1200 Pennsylvania AV NW
Washington DC 20460

Indiana University and Indiana University School of Medicine Research Opportunties 2012:


Undergraduate Summer biomedical Reserach: biol/chem/physics/engin.; contact Dr. Rebecca Chan at

IU Melvin & Bren Simon Cancer Center: underrep.stud.populations; March 1 deadline; must have complet.junior yr.;

Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research: contact Donna fischer, IU School of Med. (317)278.0746


Summer 2009:

University of Central Florida has several REU's for Computer Science and Physics/Math students: Check the REU site for individual program details but these are the program titles: Computer Vision (deadline: march 15 ;
, AMALTHEA - Advances of Machine Learning in Theory & Applications (deadline: March 30;
) , Research Experiences in Lasers & Optics (deadline:Feb. 20; ) Differential Equations in Classical and Quantum Physics (Feb 28 deadline: )

Iowa State Computational and Systems Biology Summer Institute; March 1, 2009 deadline; US Citizens, $4000 stipend, travel reimburs; Laurence H. Baker Center for Bioinformatics and Biological Statistics;

University of Georgia: Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry for Chem, Math, Physics majors; chance for undergraduate publication! $2000/mo. stipend (!); travel stipend; or email

Kent State; Liquid Crystals--Synthetic and Natural Systems; June 1-Aug.7; $3500 stipend; room, travel stipend, social events; or contact; Application review begins March 1st, 2009.

REU at Rutgers Mathematics Dept; June 1-July 24; Prague trip July 20-Aug. 5 (optional); stipend, housing, etc.; January 31st deadline: or

Iowa State REU in Computational Materials Science (Chem, Physics, Math, C.S.); ; You'll have to look this one up.

2009 Nanotechnology Summer Intersnships: Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, BioSciences; ; university labs all over the country are participating in this National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (ex. Stanford, Santa Barbara, Austin, Wash. U; Penn St, Michigan, Boulder, Harvard, Howard); 75 positions; selected students will be offered a second summer of advance research experience at a major national or international lab; Application deadline is Feb. 11, 2009 (online) and Feb. 18, 2009 (paper); awards offered beginning March 11, 2009; Stipend, travel, housing, 10 week program; US citizens only.

Hope College (Michigan) Undergraduate Research Experience in Chemistry and Biochemistry; or; $4400 stipend; housing paid; travel reimbursement; US Citizens only; Application deadline is February 26, 2009.

S.U.R. F. (Summer Undergraduate Research Focus): Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi: Deadline for receiving ALL materials is March 2, 2009 and you will be notified by March 23rd of status; Tavia has an application in her office/on bulletin board/via email; website is: ; 2.5 gpa; US citizens only; 16 hr (5 classes in science); interest in grad. school; all kinds of projects available--see the website.

Computational & Systems Biology Summer Institute at Iowa StateUniversity; June 7 - July 31, 2009 Purpose: The aim of this program is to provide undergraduate and first-year graduate students majoring in sciences and engineering with an introduction to Computational and Systems Biology. No prior experience in these fields is required. Fellowship: CSBSI Fellowships will be awarded to the qualified students, each studentship will include a $4,000 stipend as well as costs of living and travel. 8-week Program Design * 2-week Short Course in Computational and Systems Biology and * 6-week Summer Internship Eligibility: US citizen or permanent resident currently registered in an accredited undergraduate or first-year graduate program. Application Deadline: March 1, 2009

University of Minnesota REU in Microbiology: rom Atoms to Ecosystems; Lake Itasca Biological Station; May 28-Aug.9, 2009; On-line appl open in November and deadline is FEB 1st, 2009; stipend, housing, travel allowance; US citizens,; This is a really long decription and can be found on the bulletin board by Rm 280 Julian

Northwestern University Material Research Center; 9 wk $4000 stipend; ceramics,polymers,nanocomposites, photonics,nanoparticles, molecular electronics, biomaterials; June 22-Aug. 21; housing incl.;

University of Wisconsin Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program for Undergraduates (IBS-SRP); May 26-Aug. 1, 2009; Bioenergy, Cellular and Molec.Biol, Computational Biol and Biostatistics, Environmental Biol., Neurobiology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Virology; $4,250 stipend, travel allowance, housing and health insurance provided; US citizens only, 3.0 gpa, must have strong interest in biological research career, underrepresented students strongly encouraged to apply, Application avail as of Nov. 15, 2008 and deadline is FEB. 15, 2009;; or call Brian Asen at 1.608.262.5267 with questions.

University of Iowa Interdisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Program in Biology (Genetics, Immunology, MOlecular Biology and Neuroscience); US citizens only; May 26-July 31; must check out the individual department websites first to find out about research opportunities ( ; ; ; ) $3,750 stipend; dorms provided; travel allowance provided; on-line application and three letters of recommendation and transcript with fall '08 grades included are due by February 1st, 2009; if questions phone 1.800.551.6787 ask fo Pualette Schleler

Georgia Tech Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Chemistry and Biochemistry; May 26-July 31,2009; $4,500 stipend, travel allowance, housing;; deadline for applications in February 15, 2009; Early submissions encouraged; notification by March 30.

Winning this scholarship guarantees you a research internship in summer following your junior year. The Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship Application is now available on-line. The application due date is January 30, 2009. You must be a sophomore at the time of application to be eligible. Approximately 100 undergraduate students, U.S. citizens only, who will be a junior in the fall 2009, will be selected as Hollings scholars beginning fall 2009 academic term. Program Information and Application Materials available at: APPLICATION DEADLINE: JANUARY 30, 2009

US Dept of Energy: Office of Biological and Environmental Research; Global Change Education Program; SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience): 3.0 gpa; generous stipend and travel expenses; mid-June thru mid-Aug; one week orientation session and end of summer workshop; 3 letter of rec. needed; US Citizens only; this program strongly encourages students to apply for a 2nd summer of research after completing the first summer. This is a good one!!! for information: and for application:

The University of Florida invites students to participate in its NSF- funded International Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site Program at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana from May through July 2009. The goal of this program is to expand the educational experience of participants through research in ecology, environmental science, and conservation biology in tropical sub- Sahara Africa. Participants will travel with the Program Director to the University of Cape Coast, Ghana during the summer to work on defined research projects under the mentorship of Ghanaian scientists. They will conduct carefully selected projects focusing on ecological studies in the Cape Coast area such as the Kakum
National Forest, one of the few virgin forests in Africa. Weekly seminars and workshops, led by Ghanaian professors, will provide participants opportunities to learn beyond their disciplines. Field trips to cultural sites will take place during the weekends. Airfare, room and board will be provided. Participants will receive a stipend at the end of the program. Additional information and applications are available at Deadline for receiving applications is January 30 2009.

Spring 2009 and Fall, 2009: Patuxent Research Refuge Internships: for the Field Biology Students:

Dept. of Homeland Security (academic year) Internships: ; Several are available: Fall, 2009; Tuition paid and stipend; includes a 10 week summer internship; Deadline is January 6, 2009; for more info contact:

Dept. of Homeland Security Summer Undergraduate internship: 10-week summer research experiences at federal research
facilities; $500 weekly stipends plus transportation expenses to/from the internship location : Application Deadline: January 5, 2009; for more info contact:

Dept. of Homeland Security Summer Research Team Program for Minority Serving Institutions; Early career faculty teamed with undergraduate and graduate students; Funding available for Summer 2009; 10-week summer research experiences at DHS Centers of Excellence; Stipends plus transportation expenses to/from the internship location for faculty and students
Application Deadline: February 3, 2009-- for more info contact:

Pitt-SPURG; Chemistry, Physics, Math solving Biological Problems; may 26-Aug.1, 2009; Work in Dept. of Pharmacology; $5000 stipend; University of Pittsburgh; Rolling Application deadline--Apply NOW; application process opens November 1st but cut off on March 1st, 2009;

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas: SURF in Quantitative and Physical Sciences; Physics, Computer Science, Math or Chemistry students; $4000 stipend; June 1-Aug 7, 2009;; for application-- Deadline is Feb. 9th, 2009.

Univ. Texas Southwestern SURF in Biology, Biophysics, Cell Biol, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiol, Neuroscience, Pharmacology; $4000 stipend; June 1-Aug 7, 2009; ; Feb. 9th deadline

University of Minnesota; Microbiology--From Atoms to Ecosystems; REU program;

University of Minneosta: Life Science Summer Undergraduate Research Program (LSSURP):

Notre Dame: REU Site in Integrative Cellular and Molecular Biology & Biological Sciences; Contact: michelle Whaley; 547.631.9343,; Research Topics/Keywords: biology, genes, genetic, genomics, cell, molecular, computer science Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

Notre Dame: Environmental Molecular Science Institute: Actinides and Heavy Metals in the Environment - The Formation, Stability, and Impact of Nano- and Micro Particles. Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences; Jeremy B.Fein;; Research Topics/Keywords: chemistry, geology, environmental molecular science
Cofunded: Earth Sciences

Notre Dame: Experimental Research on Wireless Networking Computer Science and Engineering; Dr. Christian Poellabauer; 574-631-9131;; Secondary: Dr. Aaron Striegel; 574-631-6896; ; Research Topics/Keywords: Wireless networking, mobile computing, sensor networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, wireless test bed, software defined radio

Notre Dame: REU Site: Physics REU and RET Programs at the University of Notre DamePhysics; Umesh Garg
574-631-7352;; Research Topics/Keywords: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, High-Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics and Physics education. Comments: RET Support. Co-funded with the Division of Materials Research and OMA.

Notre Dame: Notre Dame Research Experience for Undergraduates Mathematics; Frank Connolly
219-631-6571;; Research Topics/Keywords: Hamiltonian Graphs, Surgery Obstruction Groups

Graduate School Information:


Department of Energy' The Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program
The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science (SC) has established the DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE SCGF) program to provide support for outstanding students to pursue graduate degrees and research in areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational sciences and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science, and to encourage the development of the next generation scientific and technical talent in the U.S.
Fellows will receive a $35,000 yearly stipend for living expenses, $10,500 per year for tuition and fees and a $5,000 research stipend supplement for research materials and travel expenses. Fellows will be required to attend the annual DOE SCGF Research Conference to be held each summer at a DOE national laboratory. Travel expenses and accommodations to the Conference will be provided by the DOE SCGF program. .
For more information about the program, eligibility, benefits and application visit
The DOE SCGF program is managed by the DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists ( ) (WDTS) and administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education ( ) (ORISE). (Received 10/7/09)

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