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The intellectual energy and camaraderie of Honor Scholars have led faculty to call Honor Scholar teaching "the most exciting teaching I do." Program faculty are chosen for their knowledge, experience, and their ability to motivate students to learn. They are committed to integrating fields of study in order to complement the goals of the traditional disciplines. They encourage students to step outside their comfort zones and think openly and creatively. A common goal is to have students develop a wider perspective on world issues, past and present, and on life itself. The faculty choose to work with these motivated and talented students because they enjoy the challenge of collaborating with bright minds.

"Honor Scholar students are a joy to teach because they are genuinely interested in learning and are not afraid to tackle the hard issues."  
Dr. Arthur B. Evans, Modern Languages
"I have taught in the program for the last three years, and I have been consistently impressed by our students. They are intellectually gifted, hard-working, and creative. My students have included a Fulbright Scholar, an electronic fiction author, a skilled pianist, and many other energetic and multi-talented individuals. I consider it my good fortune to have worked with them and learned from them."
Dr. Harry J. Brown, English
"Few things are more fulfilling than participating in a discussion which seeks to unearth the motivations and complexities of human endeavor - honor scholars thrive on such discussions and continue to challenge any and all pat answers."  
Dr. Anne F. Harris, Art History
"Participating in the Honor Scholar Program has been one of the most dynamic and rewarding opportunities in my teaching career. When I'm interacting with Honor Scholar students in the classroom, I often feel as though I'm back in graduate school."
Dr. Jeffrey T. Kenney, Religious Studies