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Nearly 200 graduates refer to themselves as "HoSchos" - students who graduated from the Honor Scholar Program over its 30+ year history.

The Honor Scholar Program was, by far, the most challenging and rewarding part of my time at DePauw.  The interaction with classmates and professors both in and outside of the classroom enriched and informed my scholarship throughout my 4 years in Greencastle.  From my first seminar through the process of writing my thesis, I was lucky to engage in lively, meaningful and interesting debates with faculty and fellow students.  This community of scholarship was fostered by the program, and proved absolutely integral to my intellectual development at DePauw and far beyond.  Carolyn E. Holmes '06, Political Science major

The Honor Scholar Program, from my classmates to the faculty, always supported curiosity - which is exactly what you need in a uniquely-themed course or in a truly interdisciplinary thesis. Through my studies, I gathered a broad knowledge base but also learned how to synthesize those ideas and build something new. As a scientist, that's an invaluable skill and I learned it from Honor Scholar. Andrea Stathopoulos ’10, Biology major, Psychology, Concentration in Neuroscience

 The Honor Scholar Program offered several benefits that had lasting effects on my career. First, it is a hotbed of critical thinking, and that's the most important skill you can gain in college. Second, Dr. Serlin's class on the evolution of consciousness was my first academic exposure to minds and brains--impressive, considering I've since changed career plans from philosophy to clinical neuropsychology. Third, the honors thesis project, while intense, provided the first opportunity for me to pursue my interests across multiple disciplines and levels of analysis, and I see much of my current academic work in clinical psychology as an extension of that project.  Jordan Harp '07, Philosophy major
    The HoScho program really felt like an intellectual home for me at DePauw. I found the faculty to be supremely engaged and their courses both interesting and challenging.  The program was unique in my DePauw experience in that it required all of us (students and faculty) to get to know each other well by thinking through complicated problems together. When I look back on it now, I am so grateful the true liberal arts "life of the mind" kind of experience the HoScho program was for me.  Krista Brucker '04, Biochemistry major, Philosophy and Women's Studies minors 

The honors program was fundamental in the development of my ability to think critically, engage texts, and to benefit from academic discourse with my fellow students.  HoScho helped me understand that learning is a horizontal process in which people come together, share their experiences and perspectives, and learn collectively.  It also promoted a standard of academic rigor unlike any other program at DePauw.  Stuart Shussler '06, Conflict Studies and Spanish double major