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Senior Thesis Poster Presentation

The Honor Scholar Class of 2015 presented their findings, ambitions, conundrums, and challenges of their senior projects thus far. Thank you for your support, discussion, critique, suggestions, and questions on their many, fascinating topics!

Brandon Bekkering Cyber-Religion:  How Christian Groups have Utilized Communicative Technologies to Promote Political Activism in the US
Tyler Bussian A 5 Million Years Old Experiment: The Evolutionary Dynamics of a Cavernous Environment
Mallory Combs How Language Affects Cognition
Meagan Combs Musical Stairs: Encouraging Physical Activity through Persuasive Technology
Anna Gatdula  Mahler the Enigma: Progressive Composer, Traditional Conductor
Megan Hannemann  An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Water Crisis in Africa
Tazree Kadam The Effect of Women's Autonomy in South India: Arranged Marriage and Dowry Culture
Clayton Knapenberger Mastering Mars: Humanity's Future on the Red Planet
Meredith Lockman Out of the Garden:  A Novella on God, Evil, and Humanity
Rachel Massoud Disney's Progressive Move?: An Analysis of Woman's Representation in Modern Disney Films
Colleen Mcardle Zoo Animals, Livestock, and Pets, Oh My! An Exploration of the Ethics of Captive Breeding
Erin Minnick Biological basis of parenting and effect of stress on parental psychophysiology
Alex Parker The Global Food Crisis: An Analysis of Discourse and Institutional Thought
Stefanie Pavlick An Interdisciplinary Examination of Tuberculosis
Ryan Pranger A Historical Analysis of the Marriage Equality Movement in Indiana
Kathleen Raymond-Judy Completeless Show
Rachel Robin
Do Institutions have Memories?: A Study of Personal Memories and Institutional History at the DePauw School of Music
Kevin Tolley
1960's American Romanticism: Bob Dylan echoing sounds of William Blake
Katherine Tozer With Liberty and Justice for All: Stories From American Classrooms
Emily Vincent The Feral Cat Conundrum: Assessing the Science and Ethics of Trap- Neuter- Return
Dakota Watson How Preparation can only get you so far: An analysis of how teenagers are prepared, recruited, and admitted into colleg