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The Senior Thesis

The capstone of the Honor Scholar Program is the Senior Thesis.  The thesis is a creative and intellectual project that provides an opportunity for students to apply their background and training in their major(s) and minor(s) in an integrative way to an interesting and important topic. The thesis represents a very rare opportunity (and challenge) for Honor Scholars to engage with a group of faculty on a topic of the student’s choosing—an experience usually not encountered until well into graduate school.  Theses can be empirical, analytical, or creative, and can be combined with off-campus experiences.  The thesis is a true test of scholarship and a significant academic achievement.  To search for past Honor Scholar Theses, please visit University Archives and Special Collections

Recent Thesis Topics:

Aishwarya Subbaraman, 2012 Extraction Politics: An Economic Analysis of Rare Earth Elements
Major: Economics, Minor: Political Science
Kristen Fairchild, 2014  Dystopian Language and Thought: The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Applied to Constructed Forms of English
Major:  English (Writing) 
Michael Padilla, 2013 Moving to the beat: musical rhythm as a cipher for priming, synchronizing, and entrainment in the dorsal premotor cortex
Majors:  Biochemistry and Music (Performance) 
Daniel Cetina, 2012 From Caped Crusader to Dark Knight: An Application of Robert Ray's Official/Outlaw Hero Framework to Batman
Majors: Political Science and English (Writing)
Brittany Hayes, 2014  Heritable Health: An Exploration of Parental Epigenetics and their Impact on Individual and Public Health 
Major: Biology
Caitlin Adams, 2013 Shakespeare’s Successful Sisters: The Reincarnated Judith in the Works of Munro, Egan, and Gilbert
Major:  English (Writing), Minor: Art (Studio)
Katie Owens, 2012  The Cinderella Connection: Structural Resonance of a Narrative Motif
Majors: Music (Performance) and English (Writing)
Mark Tolley, 2013 The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth and Its Implications
Major: Economics, Minor:  Mathematics
Shelby Bremer, 2013 Seeing Candidates Through a Gendered Lens: How Differential Media Coverage Serves as a Barrier to Women's Political Participation
Major:  Communication, Minor: Spanish