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High Speed Classical Phenomena: Imaging, Analysis and Education

Prof. Jacob Hale, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy 

Project: High Speed Classical Phenomena: Imaging, Analysis and Education 

Hannah Lukemeyer, Tao Qian, Sterling Brooks, Michael Tobin, Nicholas Moore



Professor Jacob Hale and his first year SRF team of Hannah Lukemeyer, Tao Qian, Sterling Brooks, Michael Tobin, and Nicholas Moore are developing an educational database about scientific phenomenon. Using a high-speed camera, the group designs their own experiments, taking everyday motions and turning them into a scientific discovery. A possible future project includes filming a golf ball being hit and other high impact actions. The high-speed camera allows the observer to view the compression of the golf ball as it is struck and then returns to its normal state after contact. Other ideas include skipping a rock, the reflection of a fired BB gun, and body reflexes. The team plans to perform a demo for students K-12 and expose them to the excitement of science. They hope that their videos and demonstrations will lead to a greater interest in the sciences.

The first year SRF students are able to come up with their own ideas to record and incorporate into their projects.  Hannah Lukemeyer and Heather O’Brien hope to film the difference between running with shoes versus running barefoot, thereby combining their own interests in Kinesiology and scientific research. The students look forward to testing these scientific phenomenon and sharing their experiences with the community.