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Field Experience with Environmental Fellows

One of the main components of the Environmental Fellows program is the completion of an environmentally-related field experience. Students work with their program advisor to create a field experience that fits their individual curriculum and interests.

The field experience can take many forms: internships, research projects, off-campus study, even civic or creative projects. It may be conducted at an approved off-campus study program, through an academic research internship, or an internship with a corporation, government agency, or NGO. 

For details about field experience requirements, please see the program handbook. 

Field Experience Stories

Energy and Environment Program Internship

Sam Leist '14 interned with the Atlantic Council's Energy and Environment Program during the summer of 2013.  The Atlantic Council, a non-partisan think tank, is an organization.... Read More.

Genetics Research on Mayweed Chamomile

Laura Crawford '14 spent the summer of 2013 in Washington state conducting genetic research on the mayweed chamomile plant. Her work was funded by the USDA under...Read More.