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Calendar of Events: Spring 2014

Please find below a listing of important dates to guide you through Spring Semester, 2014.

January 27 First Day of Classes
February THESIS: Submit significant written or production element of the thesis to the entire Committee 
February 3 Deadline to drop/add classes
February 21 Deadline for 2014-2015 off-campus study applications
March 7 Deadline for Sophomores to declare majors
March 17 THESIS:  Deadline to submit THREE, 2-hour time blocks where BOTH you and your sponsor are free
March 19 Schedule of Classes available on the Web
THESIS:  Lunch with seniors and sponsors to discuss defense preparation
March 22-30 SPRING BREAK!!!!
April 7 THESIS: Submit your COMPLETE thesis!
April 23 THESIS: Celebratory lunch with ENTIRE thesis committee
April 28 Academic Awards Convocation
April - May THESIS:  Defenses scheduled from April 14th through May 2nd
May 8 Last Day of Classes
THESIS:  Senior Celebration Dinne