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Senior Thesis Poster Presentation

The Honor Scholar Class of 2014 presented their findings, ambitions, conundrums, and challenges of their senior projects thus far. Thank you for your support, discussion, critique, suggestions, and questions on their many, fascinating topics!

Caitlin Adams Shakespeare’s Successful Sister: Revisiting Virginia Woolf’s Room in the Age of Chick Lit
Lincoln Barlow Examining the feasibility of converting Indiana's energy production to renewable sources by 2030
Shelby Beasley States and the State of Nature: Explaining Efficient States and State Failure through Evolutionary Theory
Kelly Blair Spirits and Syringes: Malaria as an Epidemic, a Spiritual Punishment, and an Act of War
Megan Carter  Poetry of Place:  Reflective Centers
 Rachel Dauenbaugh  Coleman Young's Detroit: Crime Rates, Economic Changes and Racial Tensions 1974-1994
 Clark Edwards Unpacking the Suitcase: The Real Last Chapter of Alice Paul
Abigail Emmert Learning to Read, Learning to Love It: A Look at Local Literacy Programs' Partnerships with Families in Growing Strong Readers
Kristen Fairchild An Exploration of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis in Dystopian Fiction
Olivia Flores The Empathetic Human:  How Language Positively Influences Cognitive and Social Ability
Brittany Hayes An Exploration of Paternal Epigenetic Effects and why they matter 
Jocelyn Jessop Birth in Transition: Effects of Social Childbirth and Shared Experience on Communities of Women
Samuel Johnson Only Children: The Experience of Being One and What Academia Has to Say About Us
Jessica Maginity Letters to Make-Believe: Creative Reading and Writing at Central Elementary
Maritza Mestre Like Husband and Wife: The Role of Female Friendships in Advancing Nineteenth Century American Women’s Emotional, Intellectual, and Professional Freedoms
Andres Munoz The Behavioral Effects of Ovulation: Competition for Mates and the Derogation of Intrasexual Rivals
Christine Norris
Perception and Communication of Nonverbal Emotion: In Close Relationships
Kristin Otto
Displaying Africa: The Politics of Museum Display in Midwestern Museums
Benjamin Roess Evolutionary Eating: A Critical Evaluation of the Paleo Diet
Patrick Schmitz German Foreign Policy in the Cyber Age
Katherine Shover From Marsquakes to Terraforming: The Role of Planetary Geology in Science Fiction Literature
Camille Veri Ethical Identities and Environmental Policy