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The Senior Thesis

The capstone of the Honor Scholar Program is the Senior Thesis.  The thesis is a creative and intellectual project that provides an opportunity for students to apply their background and training in their major(s) and minor(s) in an integrative way to an interesting and important topic. The thesis represents a very rare opportunity (and challenge) for Honor Scholars to engage with a group of faculty on a topic of the student’s choosing—an experience usually not encountered until well into graduate school.  Theses can be empirical, analytical, or creative, and can be combined with off-campus experiences.  The thesis is a true test of scholarship and a significant academic achievement.  To search for past Honor Scholar Theses, please visit University Archives and Special Collections

Recent Thesis Topics:

Amy Sato ’10 The Effects of Gdf8 and Activin A on Muscle Atrophy
Major: Biology/Psychology, Minor: Japanese
Katherine Wright ’11 The Effects of Nature Conservation on Indian Communities in the Grand Canyon: A case study
Major: Biology, Minor: French
Kelly Stone ’09 Emerging Actors and Changes in Global Politics
 Major: Political Science
Christopher Neal ’11 Observing, Comparing and Discussing: Perception of Obsessive Behaviors in Society
Major: Biology, Minor: Studio Art
Janelle Blasdel ’08 River Veins and Limestone Teeth: Stories from Indiana
Major: English Writing, Minor: Chemistry
Michael Duffy ’11 How to Blow Up a Wal-Mart Without Getting Caught and Without Blowing it Up: an Exploration of Social Protest, Change, and Crime on Stage
Major: English Writing
Jessica Rooney ’09 "Words?  Music? No: It's What's Behind": The transposition of emotional contours from music to writing
Major: English Writing, Minor: Music
Emily Meyers ’11 Deconstructing the Argentine Metanarrative: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Evolution of Memory of the Dirty War (1976-1983)
Major: Spanish, Minor: History
Yvonne Williams ’09 No Shrink’s Couch, How Can I Get My Thoughts Out?:  Black and Latino Youth, Spoken Word, and Alternative Psychological Expression
Major: Psychology, Minor: Japanese