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Media Fellows Alumni Spotlight

Eric Aasen, '02, Reporter, Dallas Morning News

Eric Aasen '02

“Learning to think critically, communicate with ease and write well – these aren’t just important college skills or journalism skills; these are vital life skills.”

“DePauw is so appealing because it has such a rich journalism history and has produced so many smart, sharp journalists . . . DePauw offers robust student media opportunities – and chances to get involved the moment you step on campus.”

Aasen at the DePauw Discourse in 2010
Eric Aasen '02

“Being in a small classroom can be a magical experience. Simply showing up isn’t enough. You have to know the material. You have to be prepared to discuss and defend your viewpoint not only with a room of sharp students, but with a professor who’s mastered the topic at hand.”

  “Media Fellows was an ideal program and an essential part of my DePauw experience.”

Eric Aasen '02