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Media Fellows FAQ

The three questions we get most often about the program:

Q:  Will Media Fellows be my major or minor?

A:  Neither, Media Fellows students may choose any major within the university from art to women's studies. Instead of a major or minor, the Media Fellows program is a concentrated study of media designed to compliment your other studies at DePauw.


Q:  Why doesn't DePauw have a Journalism major?

A:  Media professionals need a broad understanding of the world that they seek to reflect to their readers, viewers and listeners. While many universities have excellent journalism programs, DePauw believes that a Media Fellows program that combines the liberal arts, journalism classes and practical work experiences in media prepares both the future media practitioner and the future media consumer more comprehensively than does a journalism major alone.


Q:  I've been accepted by DePauw, but not the Media Fellows program.  May I re-apply next year?

A:  Yes. You may reapply during your first year at DePauw to be eligible for reconsideration as a sophomore. Meanwhile, any DePauw student has access to all of the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media facility and programs, including working on campus media and taking part in seminars and conferenceson media issues. If you are subsequently admitted to the Media Fellows program, you can then take further advantage of the special opportunities the program offers.


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