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Admission to Science Research Fellows Program

Application open soon for High School Seniors graduating in May, 2015

 The Science Research Fellows Program at DePauw is a selective Honors Program. The program is designed to attract outstanding students who are interested in science and undergraduate, collaborative science research opportunities working with professors. The SRF program is designed specifically for the student who will choose to major in one of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geosciences, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy, Psychology) offered at DePauw

How do I Apply to the SRF Program? High school students who will be graduating in the Class of 2015 can apply beginning early October, 2014.

For current DPU first year students interested in Lateral Entry into the program, the deadline for applying is Monday, October 27th. Skip Step 1 below and move to the application process. You will also be asked to get a recommendation from a science prof. at DPU and/or your first year seminar professor. They can submit the recommendation directly to 

  • Step 1: Submit a general Application for Admission to DePauw University. Make sure you check out the new Admissions procedures for DePauw University as it could affect whether you can apply to one (or more) of our honors programs. Only Early Decision or Early Action I applicants will be eligible to apply to an honors program.
  • Step 2: Fill out the SRF application form below

Contact Information

Academic Information

Current high school senior
Current first year student at DePauw

Standardized Test Scores

Demographic Information

You may choose whether or not to answer the following questions. Your responses will not affect the outcome of your application.

African, African American, Black
Caucasian, White
Alaskan Native, American Indian
Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican American
Asian, Asian American, Indian Subcontinent, Pacific Islander
Multiracial (please specify below)

Personal Statement

Electronically submit to the SRF Program your (1-2 pg) Personal Statement of Interest. This is an essay that explains why you are interested in our program. Answer in a thoughtful and well-written essay. Answers to questions such as those listed below are appropriate for this essay. Put your name at the top of all pages of your essay.

Why do you like science?

Why are you interested in being a science major in college?

What interests you specifically about the Science Research Fellows program?

What strengths would you bring to the program?

What are your goals during and beyond college?

Essay - Electronically submit to the SRF Program (approx. 2 pgs) your choice of one of the two essays below. Put your name at the top of all pages of your essay.

Identify a scientific problem that interests you

State the problem, describe its significance, and outline a scientific approach to solving it. Describe the methods you plan to use and the reasons for choosing those methods. Finally, discuss possible outcomes of your proposal. Helpful hints: Keep your focus narrow. Think through the scientific process. Methods you might consider, depending on the discipline or project chosen, include laboratory or field-based experiments, mathematical investigations or computer programming strategies.

Summarize a recently published article that describes a scientific experiment and finding

This article does not have to be a highly technical scientific journal article, but rather, can be derived from sources such as the New York Times science section, Discover magazine or Scientific American. Interpret and summarize the point and methods behind the story, and explain why you picked this particular article. Postulate a reasonable next step for the project that is not discussed in the article and provide a rationale for why you chose that step. Make sure to cite the article--in fact, please send a LINK to the article too. Note: Think broadly about science--mathematical investigations, computer programming strategies, laboratory and field based science is acceptable.

Found it on the DePauw website
My admission counselor at DePauw
A current or former SRF student at DePauw
A teacher or guidance counselor at your high school
General admission materials
Program specific mailings (director’s letter or postcard)
On campus information session
Other (specify below)


We will reply via email within two days to confirm that your application materials have been received. Never assume that the email arrived unless you receive confirmation. Technology doesn't always work and we will not know if your application did not arrive. If you haven't heard back within two days of sending your application, assume that there was an error receiving your email and please give us a call at 765-658-5090 to check on the status of your materials.