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Summer Research 2014

Prof. D. Scott
Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry
New and Improved Therapeutic Options
via Bionanotechnology
Allison Foster
Sam Lohmar
Prof. B. Gourley
Dept. of Chemistry/ Biochemistry
project title here-- Ji 'Blair' Qi
Prof. D. Gurnon
Dept. of Chemistry/Biochemistry
Molecular Animation and Software Development Nathaniel Smith
Diana Zajac
Prof. K. Kinney
Dept. of Biology
Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions in
Ectothermic Vertebrates
Scott Espich
Maddie Lee
Erika Kischuk
Prof. V. Fox
Dept. of Biology
Seeing the Forest for the Trees Jiaxin Su
Prof. J. Benedix
Dept. of Biology
Environmental Toxicology: Frog Behavior Danielle Dattilio
Prof. J. Hale
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
High Speed Fluid Dynamics: Momentum
and Non-coalescence of Droplets
Caleb Akers
Prof. N. Shifa
Dept. of Mathematics
Sleep Heart Health Study: Effects of Diabetes
and BMI in the Change of the Respiratory
Disturbance Index (RDI)
Angela Hacker
Prof. P. Babington
Dept. of Kinesiology
Determinants of Running Ecomomy Aaron Zell
Prof. K. Stewart
Dept. of Computer Science
Web Browser Security Analysis Stephen McMurtry
Thanks to the following faculty who supported
our program. We didn't have enough students to fulfill their projects:
Prof. A. Vyas; Dept of Psychology
Prof. J. Caraher: Dept. of Physics/Astronomy
Prof. J. Pope: Dept. of Geosciences
Prof. S. Balasubramanian: Dept. of Mathematics