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Parents of Prospective Students

At DePauw, we view parents as partners in the educational process. We recognize that sending a son or daughter to college is a major life event for parents. We also know that parental support aids student success. Our admission counselors, faculty and staff are here to support you and your child as you move forward in your college search process.

Applying To DePauw 

Admission to college is one of the biggest achievements in your son or daughter's life.  Much success rests on the completion of the online application, so it is helpful to plan ahead and stay on top of important deadlines. Through a highly selective process, DePauw University seeks high achieving students who have demonstrated the ability to meet intellectual challenges and have the potential to make significant contributions of talent and energy to life on campus.  The DePauw Office of Admission conducts a comprehensive review of the information submitted in the application to determine whether a student has the potential to succeed at DePauw.  

As a Common Application institution, applying to DePauw is an online process. Freshman applications will be available starting in August of the student's senior year.  To learn more about the required documents necessary for applying to DePauw, please visit the Admissions Materials Checklist. For a complete list of dates and deadlines, click here.

Value of a DePauw Education

Studying at DePauw is an opportunity for your child to explore the subjects they're curious about and open their minds to new paths and possibilities. Some students arrive on campus knowing exactly what they want – to be a doctor, an environmental policy analyst, a musician, a CEO. Others choose DePauw because they need some time to make up their minds. A liberal arts education means they can do both – exploring majors and minors even if they have a specific path in mind. It means freedom to learn broadly and to delve deeply into material that interest them. 

Experiential Learning

At the top of your priority list is likely ensuring your child's education prepares them to go into the workforce or graduate school beyond their undergraduate education. The Hubbard Center for Student Engagement focuses on helping your child gain the experience needed to achieve success beyond DePauw. The Hubbard Center  provides information, resources and advising in the areas of service, study abroad, national fellowships, pre-professional advising, internships and career development - including Winter Term and summer experiences.  This integrative approach helps your child tie the threads of their liberal arts experience together in a meaningful way, which will enhance their employment and graduate school opportunities.

Student Life

Undoubtedly, there are several concerns you have as a parent about the social activities and safety of your child while they are away at college.  DePauw's rich social life is derived from our 100% residential campus where students learn and live together.  Our Office of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who lives, studies, works, and visits here. 

Paying For School

We understand the financial implication of this type of education.  For generations, DePauw has supported students by helping them find ways to afford this remarkable experience. Some of these ways include:


Scholarships and grants are a form of gift aid that do not have to be repaid and are available through federal, state, institutional or private sources.  To learn more about the scholarships and grants your student may be qualified for, please click here


Some families will choose to borrow the money needed to finance their student's education.  To learn about loan programs, click here


There are several types of student work opportunities that are available to help offset the cost of tuition.  Click here for a complete list of student employment opportunities.