If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

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  • 3 Coping Mechanisms Every City, Food Fanatic at DePauw Faces

    Laura Ledesma ‘17

    Growing up in the wonderful city of Chicago (no, not a suburb, actual Chicago), I’ve always been surrounded by a variety of restaurants, bar & grills, coffee shops, fast food places, etc. (you get the picture) just right down the street from me. So as every other food fanatic would agree, moving to Greencastle was definitely a struggle! I... Read more.

  • Campus Studying Hotspots

    Caroline McCaulay '16

    Do you always study in the same place, time after time? Is your routine getting old? Do you have two books to read and three papers to write before Spring Break? Here’s my list for the best places to study in Greencastle, distinguished by the kind of work you have to get done. On a sunny afternoon: Can you have a list of study spaces in... Read more.

  • This Week At DePauw - March 13th, 2015-March 20th, 2015

    Adrienne Westenfeld ‘15

    By: Adrienne Westenfeld '15 It’s been another eventful week at DePauw--here’s the rundown on what you missed. In the School of Music, the Faculty Select Series continued with a performance from the Faculty Woodwind Ensemble, whose selections ranged from the baroque to the contemporary. In the meantime, the DePauw Percussion Ensemble welcomed... Read more.

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  • This Week At DePauw April 17 - April 24, 2015

    Adrienne Westenfeld ‘15

    It’s been a week of bike racing, international music, and social justice at DePauw--all amid beautiful spring weather. Here’s your weekly rundown of what you missed.


    The weekend saw DePauw’s Little 5 Bike Race come and go, with top prizes from the criterium races around the Green Center for Performing Arts awarded to teams from Alpha Phi and Delta Upsilon. Related annual events included the Little...

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  • “DeGraduates”

    Mary Grace Morgese '17

    As the number of Tuesday/Thursday classes dwindles down to single digits, as Little 5 and formals pass us by, suddenly and quickly, it seems as if “the last” becomes the adjective to describe every event. “The last paper,” “the last Derby Days,” “the last themed party,” “the last Boulder Run,” “the last Moore’s Monday,” and so on. With the warm weather comes a bittersweet trepidation to tackle the...

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  • Survival Guide to the 8AM

    John Jessup '17

    Okay, I am a morning person. There. I said it. I have no problem with waking up earlier to have a class. For many, this is no easy task. Hopefully these tips will help you out wake up and get through your 8 a.m. _________ (insert class here).

    Set your alarm about twenty minutes early. Hit the “Snooze” button once or twice. Also, it just feels good to have a few more minutes to rest your eyes when...

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  • Short Story Struggle

    John Jessup '17

    Have you ever tried to sit down and write a short story? I had the opportunity to sit down and write a short story this past week for my Creative Writing class. It certainly was no cakewalk. The creative power that the author has over the story can be somewhat overwhelming. Further, the author is pressed to develop characters, setting, and conflict. It is a developed skill that accumulates with practice...

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  • The Art of the Candid Camera

    Kaitlin Emmert '17

    As an avid scrapbooker since 3rd grade, I have always been a needy picture taker. I’m that girl nagging my friends to stay dressed up for five more minutes while I awkwardly spot out a reliable photographer lucky enough to be within my reach. Being at DePauw has taught me a new art to photography: candid photo shoots. Posed pictures are great for grandma’s dusty mantel, but I have fallen in love with...

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