If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • Wait, I'm Half Way Done?

    Laura Ledesma '17

    It didn’t really hit me until the other day that I’m officially half way done with my college career…whoa. It’s scary and crazy to think that just two years ago (today exactly) I was graduating high school. Everyone always tells you “these next 4 years are going to fly by” and although we’ve all experienced this reality as soon as high school... Read more.

  • 10 Highlights of Robe Ann Park

    Brittnay Buckner '18

    A lot of people on campus tend to look at Greencastle as a pretty boring town in the middle of nowhere.  I like to see it as a place worth discovering.  Over the summer, I went on Servicio en Las Americas, a service and Spanish immersion trip.  The first two weeks of the program were spent on campus at DePauw doing some small service projects... Read more.

  • The Great W vs. L Debate

    Nicole Darnall '16

    Picture this conversation: Other person (in literally any possible situation): So, where do you go to school? Me: DePauw. It’s a small school in In— Other Person: Oh, how do you like living in Chicago? Isn’t it a wonderful place? Me: Yeah… it’s just great…. Please raise your hand if you have ever had the above conversation. Spoiler... Read more.

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  • Making the Most of DePauw: Advice from an Alum

    Rachel Hanebutt '15

    Leaving a very fulfilling internship with the Office of Admission this week, I found myself reflecting on my time at DePauw in its entirety. Being a DePauw student, and now alum, amounts to much more than you could ever imagine touring campus as a prospective student. From the first day you step foot on campus, you are writing your DePauw Story; each is magical and unique in its own way, but there...

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  • What's New at DePauw?

    Rachel Hanebutt '15

    Campus is always changing. In the four years that I have been familiar with DePauw, there have been so many great additions to the campus; so many that it is hard to remember them all! Many of these new assets, buildings, and additions make DePauw the unique, prestigious, and socially vibrant campus that it is. In case you have not had the fortune of witnessing these changes as I have, here is a list...

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  • The Student-Faculty Relationship

    Rachel Hanebutt '15

    Getting a college education is about the experience, but it is also important to be challenged academically and to form connections with your new college network.  With a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1 and average class size of just 17, DePauw students have many opportunities to make meaningful relationships with their professors. 

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  • Advice for the Academic Semester

    Rachel Hanebutt '15

    It is almost here: the start of Fall semester. Every DePauw student looks forward to a year of academic rigor and challenge, including those First-Year students who have not yet had the privilege of experiencing academics at DePauw firsthand. How does one prepare for such an experience that is bound to be harder than they think, yet, more rewarding than could be imagined? Here are 4 easy, well-intentioned...

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  • Hope You Packed Your Hard Hats

    Luke Bernardi ‘16

    Freshman, don’t be alarmed. The construction is only temporary. While everything might not be done by the time you graduate (sorry to scare you with graduation talk already; I’m a senior, so just imagine how I’m feeling), DePauw will be a much different, and I’m certain, a much prettier place than what it looks like right now…which honestly is one of the most beautiful universities in the Midwest....

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