If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • My DePauw Bucket List: Spending a Day in the Library

    Caitlin Muller

    I’ve spent almost full five semesters here at DePauw. That's approximately 20 months. 610 days. You would think that in this time, this monumental chunk of my short life, that I would’ve been able to explore all the buildings here at DePauw. I’d like to think I’ve covered most of them - I’ve had classes in almost all the buildings with exception… Read more.

  • Why D3 Sports?

    Kira Singer

    As March Madness comes around, college sports are on everyone’s mind. However, many people solely think about all the big state division one players and ignore those at colleges and universities that are participating in sports in a very different environment. Why appreciate division three athletes? There are a lot of stigmas surrounding… Read more.

  • Waiting for your Acceptance Letter

    Carlos Omana

    So you’ve just submitted the last of your applications and now you’re sitting there in front of your laptop trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your life until those letters start coming in. You could just mope around and constantly think about if you’re going to be accepted or if you’re common application was good enough. Or… Read more.

Latest Posts

  • Take a Chance, Try Something New

    Bronson Roseboro

    Not a student of the School of Music? Still explore music and theater at DePauw.

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  • Why D3 Sports?

    Kira Singer

    We may not be as big as D1 schools, but D3 sports have some major benefits.

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  • When your Sister Becomes your Sister: Greek Life at DePauw

    Emily Bell

    Emily gives us a glimpse of Greek life.

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  • The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Winter Term

    Katherine Deighan

    Sometimes the best life lessons can't be taught. They have to be experienced. 

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  • Winter Term in Italy: The Small Moments

    Emma Mazurek

    Emma conquered Italy during Winter Term. Hear about her small moments. 

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