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Coping with Morning Practice

September 18, 2014

The dreaded consequence of being a varsity athlete is morning practice. If the 5:30 wake-up isn’t frightening enough, the 8:10 class that follows it makes any college student cringe. I am a member of the swim team, and we have morning practice five days a week. We also have afternoon practice six days a week, so I dedicate up to 20 hours a week to sheer practice time, almost half of which happens before 7:45 am.

Fortunately, I have gathered some wisdom on this sleep-stealing dilemma. An easy solution is to simply not have morning classes— but try avoiding that 9:10 am class when it’s a graduation requirement. Another solution is to pump myself with caffeine. Some prefer chugging four cups of coffee or injecting it directly into their bloodstream, but their addiction is their addiction. I don’t like coffee, don’t want a caffeine addiction, and I’m simply trying to be a healthier athlete, so I need options.

Coping with morning practice is essentially a sleep preservation problem. I try...

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Socializing as a First Year Student

September 17, 2014

As a freshman, moving onto campus is a very exciting and nerve-racking task. Not only are you being thrown into extremely uncomfortable situations, but sometimes you are completely alone. You are surrounded by so many people that are stuck in their own bubble, and they refuse to have any sort of communication with you what-so-ever. Luckily for me, I knew my roommate, and lucky for us, we are best friends; so I had one person on campus that I knew. However, that did not mean that we would be together for the entire year. Sure, she is my “safety net,” she is the one person that will always be there and the one person that I can always come back to and lean on for support. I am not going into the college life completely alone. My roommate and I are the same person, but we are also very different socially.

Living on Humbert 2 is quite amazing! We have thirteen girls and eight guys on our wing. We all get along very well, but it was really awkward at first. On move in day, a few of us were...

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Hiking Up the Lucy Tower

September 17, 2014

Lucy Rowland Hall: one of DePauw’s oldest yet nicest residence halls (at least, that’s what the majority thinks). I currently live on the fourth floor of Lucy with a perfect view of Rector Village from my window. Personally, I’m a fan of living on the highest floor of a building. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice view and a ride up an elevator? Too bad Lucy doesn’t have an elevator... Yup, that’s right. I have to climb eight sets of stairs (2 per floor) multiple...times...a day. So, I thought I’d share with you how that feels.

First Set of Floor 1:  Oh four floors isn’t that bad. I can do this.
Second Set of Floor 1:Alright, one floor down, three more to go.

First Set of Floor 2: I really don’t know why everyone complains about this.
Second Set of Floor 2: Okay, maybe this is kind of tiring.

First Set of Floor 3:Oh my god, this is only the 3rd floor?!? My legs are killing me!
Second Set:This is worse than the gym!My legs and butt better be super toned after this year!

First Set of Floor...

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How to Survive Walking in “The Tunnel” Alone

September 16, 2014

At first glance, any experienced DePauw student would look at this title and say, “you can’t”. Most would admit that walking alone in the tunnel that connects Longden Hall and Bishop Roberts Hall (BR) underground is an experience so terrifying that many have lost their lives. Fortunately, this is not necessarily true. That’s why I’m here to give you some steps as to how to count yourself in the group of survivors.

  1. Prep before you walk by picking what you walk in. The tunnel has amazing ability to echo even your eyelashes blinking. Therefore, to reduce the sound factor and scare factor, you must pick shoes that have a soft, even bottom instead of a hard clank. Ladies, that means no heels. When have you ever seen a woman escape the nothingness of the tunnel successfully in heels?

  2. Do not carry too many objects. Most Longden residents utilize the tunnel in order to gain access to the washing machines under BR. But unfortunately, if you carry too much laundry, it inevitably limits...

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How To: Survive Reading Assignments

September 11, 2014

Words fuse together and sentence structures become mere figments of your imagination as you dream about ordering Marvin’s and going to hang out with friends. Before you know it, your forehead slams against the book, followed by a loud whine and an “I don’t want to do this reading.” Your hand smashes the book closed, forces it into your already stuffed backpack, and you quickly exit the library.

Above, I have highlighted what NOT to do on a weekday night. But, I believe it’s definitely something we’ve all experienced. Let’s face it; we’re not always going to enjoy the assigned reading assignments from class. But, what I’ve found throughout the years is that many times, those are the readings where we end up learning the most. Though, as many say, “the struggle is real,” this is one struggle that is definitely worth it.

So, let’s conquer the struggle together in just 3 short steps.

Step 1: Be confident and positive. Before you even give yourself a chance to complain, and before you even...

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