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  • The Sophomore Struggle: The “Freshman 15,” the Sophomore…?

    Mary Grace Morgese ‘17

    I have a sweet tooth. I am almost ashamed to admit the number of times I’ve had a chocolate craving and utilized the full “24 hour-ness” of the local Walmart. Almost. Freshman year my salvation came to me in the form of S’mores Poptarts and unlimited chocolate soft-serve with the toppings bar. Excuse me while I silently salivate. To some... Read more.

  • Unknown Opportunities

    Nicole Darnall ‘16

    During my internship, I had a very flexible schedule work-wise. So, I was able to take advantage of some opportunities that presented themselves outside of my office at Kurtis Productions. The coolest was definitely last Thursday. Through various contacts and acquaintances, I was given the opportunity to work in the production truck for CBS/NFL... Read more.

  • Have you laughed today?

    Mary Grace Morgese ‘17

    Confession: there is nothing pretty about my laugh. No dainty giggling, or “ringing bell” sounds come from me. Nope, none of that. We’re talking about a deep, belly chortle erupting out of my vocal chords and easily waking the dead. And yes, it is incredibly satisfying. But nothing, truly nothing, rivals the joy I get from disturbing the silence... Read more.

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  • This Week At DePauw: February 20-February 27, 2015

    By: Adrienne Westenfeld '15

    It’s been another jam-packed week at DePauw--and a snowy one, at that. Here’s the weekly run-down of what you missed.

    School of Music

    In the School of Music, the Music of the 21st Century Series continued with a visit from renowned composer Roberto Sierra, who coached students in performing his compositions for a chamber concert before performing a solo concert of his own. My musical roommates report that Sierra was a joy to work with, and that the coaching experience was truly educational.

    Spiritual Life

    The Hartman House was characteristically busy with service-oriented and faith-based programming, including their Junior/Senior Symposium on Community Engagement and Professional Development, which was hosted at the Prindle Institute with the co-sponsorship of the Bonner Scholars. Meanwhile Greek InterVarsity hosted an ice cream bar at Beta Theta Pi, where they discussed what it’s like to be both Christian and Greek, and the Hartman House served homebaked...

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  • Uniquely DePauw: Making the Trip to the Sacred Chipotle

    John Jessup ‘17

    Around the nation, a Chipotle seems to be the staple of any college town. Unfortunately, Greencastle does not have one and will not be getting one in the foreseeable future (one can still dream). Here at DePauw, we have made it somewhat of a ritual to hop in a car with a group of friends and drive whatever distance it may take to reach a Chipotle. Here are a few tips to consider before you embark on your journey in an attempt to quench your insatiable college student hunger.

    1. Pick a good group of friends to go.
    Many people underestimate the importance of this simple first step. This group is uniting under one common goal: do whatever it takes to get to that Chipotle. Make sure everyone is as dedicated as you are. The journey may present its challenges. Also, make sure you all agree on the Chipotle you are going to. I am a Plainfield Chipotle guy myself.

    2. Make sure you have enough gas in your tank.
    While I have never heard of anyone running out of gas on their trip to Chipotle, it could...

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  • Describing Yourself in an Uncommon Fashion

    Brittany Buckner ‘18

    Coming into DePauw, students need multiple things, but one absolute must is a laptop or tablet.  We use them in class, for homework and papers or shamelessly binge-watching Netflix.  It does not matter what brand you have or how old, but what does matter, is what kind of stickers you have.  Laptop stickers are your brand.  They describe you, and you are promoting them wherever you bring them.  People will stop and look at the decal on your computer, and they will ask about it.  Here is my laptop for example:

    This cover describes me because it has a sticker from one of my favorite places, two of my favorite bands, activities that I do at DePauw, fun stickers that describe my personality, and there are a but load of mini fish stickers because I love fish, plain and simple.  I have people stop and look at my computer and ask, “Why is there a peanut in a butler outfit?  Oh wait, Peanut Butler!”  Not only do you promote yourself and things that you love, but you also get to meet new people...

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  • 3 Coping Mechanisms Every City, Food Fanatic at DePauw Faces:

    Laura Ledesma ‘17

    Growing up in the wonderful city of Chicago (no, not a suburb, actual Chicago), I’ve always been surrounded by a variety of restaurants, bar & grills, coffee shops, fast food places, etc. (you get the picture) just right down the street from me. So as every other food fanatic would agree, moving to Greencastle was definitely a struggle! I knew Greencastle was in the middle of nowhere, but I didn’t realize how isolated it actually was until I got here. I remember driving into town on move-in day and thinking, “wait…where are all the restaurants…?” it was horrible. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some fast food places here: McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, Long John Silvers, KFC, Starbucks, and a couple others, but I mean, that’s pretty much it. Anyway, lets focus on what’s actually important here: the nearest Chipotle is 45 minutes away…it’s tragic, UGH, I KNOW!
    So living here for almost two years now, I’ve learned how to deal and cope with such limited food options while at DePauw...

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  • This Week At DePauw

    Adrienne Westenfeld ‘15

    February 13 - February 20, 2015
    By: Adrienne Westenfeld '15

    In the School of Music, audiences enjoyed an evening concert from the Faculty Select Series with Leonid Sirotkin, professor of oboe, and a string trio of Indianapolis-based musicians. Meanwhile, the Green Guest Artist Series continued with a visit from The King’s Singers, who hosted a master class with DePauw’s Chamber Singers and performed selections from their Great American Songbook tour during a Friday night concert.

    Shabbat Service held on Friday NightsWith respect to spiritual life, chartered by the Hartman House, this week’s installment of Food For Thought (where faculty members share the things that mean most to them) was led by Dr. Jeffrey McCall from the Communication and Theater Department, who spoke about celebrating DePauw. Additionally, Shabbat was celebrated with a traditional Jewish service and dinner.

    At the Hubbard Center, SIT (School for International Training) Study Abroad representatives provided an information session to those interested...

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