If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • The Holiday Buzz on Campus

    Kate Emmert

    There’s a buzz in the air. It’s not a literal buzz you can hear. But you can feel it. Feel the anticipation for the holidays. It’s coming soon, and the students hear it calling our names. But there’s another reason for this buzz. With the holidays rapidly approaching, the holiday spirit creeps it’s way onto campus. I love when holiday time… Read more.

  • Find Your Fit: Shopping For The Right College

    Zachary George

    Welcome to the most stressful, rewarding, illusive, transparent, busy, fun, confusing journey: The college search process!  At DePauw, we recognize that this is the first time that you’re going through this process, and we’ve decided to write a monthly blog to help ease your fears and clear up misconceptions that you may have. We want you… Read more.

  • New Year’s Resolution: DePauw Style

    Brittany Buckner '18

    Since the new semester has begun, it’s a common theme to talk about goals or New Year’s resolutions. First semester can be hard, especially during your first year. But, these five goals will help to improve your overall academic and personal experiences at DePauw. Increase that GPA This is something that all students should strive for, but… Read more.

Latest Posts

  • Junior Year: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

    Zak George

    Junior year is one of the most telling years for college admission offices. And guess what? You’re halfway done with it already! Today’s blog will highlight what we consider during your junior year, and why it is important in preparing you for DePauw!

    We like junior year for a variety of reasons:

    It allows us to see the trend of your grades. Since freshman year, have your grades gone up, or down?…

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  • Establishing a Think Tank

    Ia Tserodze

    Ia founded a think tank on campus and was blown away by DePauw students' initiative. 

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  • Find Your Zen

    Carolyn Jedd

    With my senior year nearing its halfway point, I made it a goal of mine to try something new at DePauw. For the past year or so, I made the dive into practicing yoga. I have attended DePauw yoga classes, followed YouTube yoga instructors and stalked yogi Instagram accounts, but I wanted to explore a new experience. That’s when I saw an advertisement for a weekly Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop…

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  • Small School, BIG Opportunities

    Katie Browning

    Every January, DePauw students have a unique opportunity--to participate in an extended studies course. Students have the ability to give their full attention to one single experience for the whole month. This may include taking a course on campus, going abroad or participating in an internship. This winter term, I have decided to take full advantage of the many opportunities at DePauw and partake…

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  • Lessons from Semester 1

    Kira Singer

    5 things you'll learn your first semester of college that most people won't tell you. 

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