If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • Gain A Global Perspective

    David Kobe '17

    While at DePauw I often find myself considering DePauw University’s vast 1 square mile campus to be the center of the universe. It’s easy to do. A relatively self-contained campus provides me with a kind of certainty that makes me feel at peace and at home. While caught up in the routine of class, homework, extra curricular activities, Greek... Read more.

  • Getting Ahead with Early Action

    Ranyi Galvez

    Reflecting on the college application process, I remember an exciting, yet confusing new world I was required to decipher. When it came to the time to submit my application for all of the schools I applied for, I was confused about Early Decision and Early Action what they would mean to me. As students that want to get ahead of the game and... Read more.

  • Final Exam Time

    Dennis Okumu ‘19

    Ugh, it’s that time of the year again when finals swoop in to suck the joy out of everyone’s life—hello Dementors. There’s two ways you could tackle the final season: one is to sob and drown yourself in a mixture of sorrow and Netflix, or you could buckle down and take on these last few weeks like the boss you are. I might be a huge fan of... Read more.

Latest Posts

  • Why You Should Apply EARLY to DePauw!

    Orlando Ramirez

    So, I guess it’s safe to say we’ve arrived to that time of year when you may be finishing up the last few details of your college applications, polishing your essays, and deciding to which schools those applications should go. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with the many deadlines you have to juggle. You may even feel the pressure from having to decide which schools you will prioritize over another...

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  • Why Winter Term is One of the Best Parts of DePauw

    Chris Dickow

    Have an idea you want to explore? Winter or May Term may be the perfect opportunity to try it out!

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  • Getting Ahead with Early Action

    Ranyi Galvez

    Early Decision and Early Action? What's the difference?

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  • 10 reasons why you are bound to smile at least 10 times daily at DePauw

    Ia Tserodze

    We heard smiling makes you happier and healthier. Here are 10 ways to do it more.

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  • Here, You Don’t Have to Wait

    Grace Noden

    You don't have to be patient to go abroad. Grace is only a sophomore and has already traveled abroad through DePauw!

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