If visiting campus is the best way to get to know DePauw, a close second just might be hearing directly from our student bloggers.

Student Bloggers

  • My liberal arts college is better than yours.

    Hoai Pham ‘17

    “But mom I don’t like piano” Just as moms always do, my mom somehow talked me into taking piano lessons at DePauw, because, “not many liberal art colleges out there have the same number of elite Piano Professors that DePauw does.” Well, DePauw does have a renowned School of Music. Also, my mom’s voice yields a mysterious power. Going to... Read more.

  • 10 Moments During College That Everyone Has

    Emma Kate Sterry ‘17

    1) The bittersweet feeling you have when your parents drive away after move-in day.  Freedom has just begun. However, I think we can all say we miss our parents while we’re at school, even if they do nag you to make your bed every morning when you’re at home. 2) The first time you get sick at school.  Your mom isn’t there to take care of... Read more.

  • Pursuing Greek Life

    Ranjit Singh '18

    “Greek Life” refers to various organizations on college campuses. These are typically social or professional organizations, and each has its own characteristics. DePauw has 13 Fraternities (all-male social organizations) and 11 Sororities (all-female social organizations). Over 75% of students at DePauw are affiliated with a Greek organization... Read more.

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  • Top 5 Favorite Tour Hot Spots

    Emma Kate Sterry ‘17

    Academic Resource Center

    Not every school that prospective students visit has a resource center like DePauw (just one reason we’re the best). At least someone, on every tour that I give, is amazed that the Academic Resource Center is a “thing.” With a year and a half of tours under my belt, I’ve come to realize that academics is often the most nerve wracking part of entering college, especially looking...

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  • My Top 5 “Must Have” Professors at DePauw

    Emma Kate Sterry ‘17

    Tom Chiarella

    The man is a writing genius. Not only is he fiction editor for Esquire magazine, he also has yet to give up on me as I attempt to write a story about talking birds… and let me tell you, that takes someone special. Chiarella’s articles are some of the most entertaining pieces of writing I have ever read, and never EVER have I met someone who was willing to walk from our very own DePauw...

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  • A Year Has Come and Gone

    Bronson Roseboro ‘19

    The spring semester is winding down, and my first year at DePauw is coming to a close. Every day, I wake up and realize just how few days are left before I officially complete my first year, and how much time has come and gone. It doesn’t feel like I moved in some eight months ago. It doesn’t feel like I’ve taken eight amazing classes this past year. It doesn’t feel like I’ve read the amount of interesting...

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  • A Reflection On My First-Year Experience

    Katherine Deighan ‘19

    Moving my bags with the help of my parents, I was overcome by a multitude of conflicting emotions as I was about to begin this new chapter in my life. As I walked into Humbert 219, I was immediately greeted with an embrace from my roommate; this comforting act erased all my fears and unanswered questions about this new home of my mine.

    This year has been an adventure I had never experienced. I thought...

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  • DePauw’s Nature Park

    Rachel May ‘18

    A few weeks ago, my best friend and I went for a walk at DePauw’s Nature Park. We had such an amazing time that we found ourselves wondering why we don’t take advantage of this beautiful place that’s so close to campus more often!

    DePauw’s Nature Park is an old limestone quarry surrounded by ten miles of trails open to the public. Not only is the nature park a place where students can hike, run and...

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