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  • For Students From a Small, Midwestern, Country-ish Town

    Allie Hunt '16

    Here are a couple of things that’ll stand out to you on DePauw’s campus if you are from  a small, midwestern, country-ish town like me.

    Guys wearing salmon colored shorts. And also pants. And also bottoms of other pastel colors. It’s a thing. For those of us from small towns, those are an item never even SEEN pre-DePauw… You can spend your time wishing to see a camo pair of cargo shorts all you want...

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  • Netflix Movies You Shouldn’t Be Skipping Over

    Caroline McCaulay '16

    Netflix has so many options that we always find ourselves watching the safe bets – movies we know we love and movies we’ve been recommended. If you’re ready to venture into some new territory and watch some underrated films, here are a few options to start with.

    Snowpiercer - Environmentalists, sci-fi fans, foreign film enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates a good Chris Pine movie, this is what...

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  • The Academic Course Buffet

    Caroline McCaulay '16

    Course registration opened recently at DePauw, and once again the campus is on a frenzied campaign to ensure the best schedule for next semester. The amount of classes offered can be overwhelming, but here’s a little look into how the academic buffet looks to one student.

    Those liberal arts requirements are like salad. They can be absolutely wonderful – and you’ve got to have some now and then – but...

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  • Beyond the Desk

    Leeann Sausser '16

    I don’t have the contents of my desk memorized, but we are on a friendly basis. I spend a lot of time staring at the photos pinned to the hutch and or leaning over the plastic-wood surface staring at some reading. It can get a little tiring, looking at that desk. My brain grows numb. Lights fade. I fade. Nap.

    Studying and typing are not the only ways to learn in college. When we get out and attend...

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  • My Home

    Nicole Darnall '16

    As I’m sitting here on the Sunday morning of Little Five weekend, it’s finally hitting me that I now have less than a month left in my junior year at this amazing university. When I started my freshman year, I was one of the most homesick people here; all I ever wanted was my parents and to be back ‘home’. The crazy thing is, now DePauw is my home.

    At this school, I have found my best friends. I have...

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