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  • Pursuing Greek Life

    Ranjit Singh '18

    “Greek Life” refers to various organizations on college campuses. These are typically social or professional organizations, and each has its own characteristics. DePauw has 13 Fraternities (all-male social organizations) and 11 Sororities (all-female social organizations). Over 75% of students at DePauw are affiliated with a Greek organization. These houses are called “Greek” houses because they are...

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  • A Salute to the Sidelines

    Mady Temple '16

     If you know anything about the athletes at DePauw, you know they are some of the most dedicated, hardworking and talented individuals on this campus and have tremendous success both on and off the field/court. But what about those dedicated and hardworking individuals on the sideline that help make all the victories possible? You know exactly who I am referring to, the incredible students in the neon...

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  • Go Google or Go Home

    Morgan Shaner '16

    Through my years at DePauw, I've spent a lot of time utilizing all Google has to offer. From constantly monitoring my email, hours of research for my classes, and using Google drive to work on group projects, I cannot believe it took me until this year to discover the benefits of Google calendar.

    Google calendar allows me to process my schedule by day, week, or month and sends me notifications of...

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  • 5 Things I Love About DePauw

    Leeann Sausser '16

    I went to a high school of 340 students, so the roughly 2,400 students waiting for me when I came to DePauw felt overwhelming. How on earth could I meet everyone? What if I got lost?Fortunately, I quickly learned that DePauw is through and through a small school, just the kind of comfort I needed. These are only a few of the perks:

    1. You can’t go outside without seeing someone you know. “Sometimes...

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  • Is DePauw hard?

    Fredrick Reed '16

    As an older student at DePauw, this is a question I receive often from underclassmen, prospective students, and friends from other institutions. The question always presents a challenge because I'm not particularly sure what the word “hard” means. When I think about DePauw’s rigorous academics I think about a place where I am challenged intellectually and pushed outside of my comfort zone to understand...

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