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  • On-campus Winter Term Fun

    David Jones

    Staying on campus for Winter Term? David five unique ideas to try out. 

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  • Holiday Season at DePauw

    Laura Ledesma

    This time of year means two things: finals and the holidays. We prefer to focus on the less stressful...the holidays!

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  • How to Preserve Your Sanity When Preparing For Two Finals on the Same Day

    Bronson Roseboro

    Have the great misfortune of two finals in one day? Take Bronson's advice-he's a pro. 

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  • Winter Term “Off-the-Grid” at Ghost Ranch = The Perfect Senior Year Extended Studies Trip

    Emily Bell

    Winter Term at a Ghost Ranch? Have fun Emily!

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  • My DePauw Bucket List: Spending a Day in the Library

    Caitlin Muller

    Don't get her wrong, Caitlin has spent long days and night at the library. Yet, this bucket list experience may surprise you. 

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