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What I Miss Most About Home

December 4, 2014

This list has the potential to be much longer, but here is the condensed version. I am truly enjoying myself at DePauw and college is infinitely better than high school, I cross my heart, hope to die, and stick a needle in my eye. Nonetheless, here are a few simple necessities I sorely miss about home.

Watching TV shows on actual TV’s

Sure, I can use Netflix and Hulu Plus and other assorted websites, and maybe I can commit an hour a week to one show, but realistically, I have no time for TV shows. I miss those lazy Tuesday nights lounging on a couch watching back-to-back episodes of Big Bang Theory like a useless, teenage potato.

Trying clothes on before buying them

Welcome to the world of If you’re smart, you will probably pick up extra shifts at work over the summer just to prepare for the amount of online shopping you will do. After all, one more sun dress couldn’t hurt. There’s something peculiarly thrilling about guesstimating your size when money is on the line.


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Thinking About The Holidays

December 3, 2014

I’m a sucker for anything involving the holiday season. For me, the Christmas music started playing Halloween morning. And while prepping for the upcoming festivities is a bit different than normal seeing as I’m not on campus to experience the highlights of the season (i.e. DePauwCappella’s winter concert, Deltmas, walks around a snow-covered East College, etc.), it’s no reason for me to ignore this Thursday’s impending day of joy.

Historically, Thanksgiving is a day with way too much pie and just the right amount of napping and football. But ever since I started college,  I’ve found myself appreciating the “thankfulness” aspect of the holiday. This year is no different.

During my time at Kurtis Productions, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more than I ever expected, and that in and of itself is something to be thankful for. While I may seem to be reiterating my last blog, it’s nothing but true. I have learned more this semester than I ever would in a classroom. My experiences have taught...

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Top 7 Meals at the Hub

November 20, 2014

Just like any food-serving institution, the Hub receives its fair share of love and criticism. DePauw students have all learned (or are learning) to maneuver through the hub and fight through the crowds in order to get the best food possible. I’ve decided to create a list of the top 7 meals at the Hub. Nothing is free of debate, however this list is as fool-proof as it gets. In no particular order:

1. Chili

Ah, the good ol’ hub chilli. Nothing makes me feel more at home than a warm bowl of hot soup, and the chili definitely delivers. I can’t say it’s a favorite of everyone’s, however the hub chili is a major favorite of mine due to its flavor and perfect combination of meat, beans, tomatoes and spices. You won’t find chili this good, unless you’re back at home!

2. Baked potato bar

The Hub baked potato bar is so few and far between, some people haven’t lived to see it. Some people say it’s a myth, an enigma; but I call it a rare blessing. The baked potato bar has all the necessities:...

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Rockin’ the Radio

November 19, 2014

DePauw is the second best college radio station in the nation.  It is a lot to live up to being a member of the team that makes it run 24/7, and that means even having people work from 2-4 in the morning.

Being a freshman in college, you want to do as many activities as possible.  It is easy to sign up for them, but it is definitely not easy to time manage them.  I was one of those freshmen that went through the Activity Fair with my head held high, and I probably signed up for the email list for about 15 different organizations.  I just was so excited to start new things and to be apart of different clubs.  One booth that I ran by that I knew I was going to do from the moment I toured DePauw was WGRE, the radio station.  I walked up to the booth, a tad nervous, and I introduced myself, and let them knew I was interested.  Immediately they told me I had a spot on the team.  I was super excited, until I saw the list of the shifts that had not been taken yet.  The only ones that were left...

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The First Snow: A Photo Blog

November 18, 2014

Over the evening and night of November 16th, DePauw received its first blanket of white snow. For many, the arrival of winter is dreaded. But even those spirits couldn’t ignore the magic of falling dust and the excitement spread across the faces of international students, many of whom have never seen snow before. So I set out to capture the first picture of what will cover Greencastle for the following four months in hopes to show how beautiful red bricks contrast with our winter present.

Authors note: To the dismay of my friends and family who know me dearly, I never once slipped on ice and fell on my butt while taking these pictures. I am very proud of myself. No bloggers were hurt in the making of this piece.

Victoria Hougtalen '18

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