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  • The Beauty of Selecting Your Major Later

    Ranyerlis Galvez

    Not knowing your major right away might actually be the smartest move you can make. Ranyerlis has an incredible experience to prove it.

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  • What's Your Elevator Speech?

    Brock Turner

    You never know who you'll run into in the elevator.

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  • Why DePauw is a Perfect Choice for any International Student

    Ia Tserodze

    From using Google Maps to find her way around campus to bleeding black and gold, Ia tells us about her journey from the country of Georgia all the way to DePauw.

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  • DePauw Hacks

    Elizabeth St. John

    Free HBO Go, little-known Starbucks tips and the go-to Marvin's order. Elizabeth has collected quite a few DePauw hacks over the years and she's giving you the low down.

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  • DeSiblings

    Emily Bell

    There's enough room for the two Bell sisters on this campus. Learn about how each sibling is making DePauw their home in their own unique ways.

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