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  • This Week At DePauw

    Adrienne Westenfeld ‘15

    February 13 - February 20, 2015
    By: Adrienne Westenfeld '15

    In the School of Music, audiences enjoyed an evening concert from the Faculty Select Series with Leonid Sirotkin, professor of oboe, and a string trio of Indianapolis-based musicians. Meanwhile, the Green Guest Artist Series continued with a visit from The King’s Singers, who hosted a master class with DePauw’s Chamber Singers and performed selections from their Great American Songbook tour during a Friday night concert.

    Shabbat Service held on Friday NightsWith respect to spiritual life, chartered by the Hartman House, this week’s installment of Food For Thought (where faculty members share the things that mean most to them) was led by Dr. Jeffrey McCall from the Communication and Theater Department, who spoke about celebrating DePauw. Additionally, Shabbat was celebrated with a traditional Jewish service and dinner.

    At the Hubbard Center, SIT (School for International Training) Study Abroad representatives provided an information session to those interested...

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  • The legging takeover: How the comfortable fabric has infiltrated DePauw

    Julie Block ‘17

    Here at DePauw, we have an unwritten dress code for these cold winter months. Acceptable winter wear includes spirit jerseys, puffy vests, North Face jackets, Hunter boots, and, of course, leggings.

    In the 1980s, fashionistas wore hot pink, cheetah print, floral, and zebra striped leggings under a dress or skirt—or, if you could really pull it off, in a workout video.

    These days, standard black seems to be the trend; the opaque, tight fabric acts as a pant substitute for those days when you ate a little too much pasta at The Den and aren’t feeling like squeezing into your favorite pair of jeans.

    In class, at work study, or even out on the weekends, the majority of the female population—myself included—is seen wearing the comfort-meets-fashion garment. I don’t complain about it one bit; it’s a much better trend than rib-crunching corsets or the denim-on-denim look from the 90’s. I love the Spice Girls, but overalls just don’t look flattering on anyone.

    Julie Block '17


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  • Life in the Affirmative

    Mary Grace Morgese ‘17

    After 22 days in Spain as a part of an intensive Spanish immersion and homestay program, I can say it feels great to be back in domain of the dollar. However during that time I was relentlessly bombarded with new sights, experiences, and cultural traditions. The trip was invaluable, but while immersed in the Spanish lifestyle I quickly realized something incredibly perplexing; the use of the affirmative command. The people of Spain not only were vocal about their desires, but actively pursued them. I won’t give you a grammar lesson as to the semantics of the affirmative command, but the use of this verb conjugation visibly promotes a more open and inspiring way of life. In Spain I learned not to ask and just to do—ultimately I temporarily lived life in the affirmative.

    Leap towards success. Dance in the streets. Work for your dreams. Do what you want. Smile at everyone. Laugh more. Talk to new people. Sing in the shower. Cherish your friendships. Make memories. Love to your fullest capability...

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  • We Love Our Squirrels

    Nicole Darnall ‘16

    After spending a semester away from campus, the biggest readjustment since coming back to school is being constantly freaked out by the size of our squirrels. Seriously, DePauw squirrels have to have been shocked by a radioactive beam of some sort. I’ve lived in the midwest my entire life so it’s not like squirrels are a new species to me. I’ve just never seen them this size.

    DePauw has previously been ranked on Huffington Post’s list of “The Colleges Most Obsessed With Squirrels” and let me tell you, we were proud. Personally, I look at DePauw as my family. All of these students are my brothers and sisters, the faculty are like aunts or uncles, and these squirrels… these squirrels are our beloved pets. Along with our campus cats, they make this campus more friendly and like home.

    I’m positive a majority of you readers probably think I’m insane and just typing on a tangent, but I’m serious. These squirrels are extra special. They make this campus what it is. If you readers haven’t paid...

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  • Ever heard of Tonk? Hint, it's a game!

    Allison Hunt ‘16

    Everyone has their go-to distraction, that one thing to help them procrastinate.  For most people, it’s Netflix.  For some, it’s incessantly trolling Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  For others, it’s going to the gym or going out on a Tuesday because why not?  But for my friends and I, our kind of procrastination lies in a deck of cards.  It sounds too simple and too silly, but it has quickly become a serious part of how we hang out!  From obnoxious games of spoons, to friendly games of slapjack, we play them all.  Euchre is a big thing in our house (tournament dates to be announced soon!) as is tonk, which I’m sure most of you have never heard of, but seriously, look it up and learn how to play because it’s so fun and so addicting.

    And crazily enough, this obsession doesn’t stay confined within the walls of our house.  My friends and I have been known to carry decks of cards in our purses so we can play while waiting for food at The Duck, or in our backpacks so we can play at the library...

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