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  • Give Opera a Chance

    Kate Emmert

    Have your ever attended a DePauw Opera? It's not what you think!

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  • Filling the Gap

    Libby Kaiser

    What's a retired athlete to do with all their new free time?

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  • The “Ultimate” Experience

    David Jones

    At DePauw you don't have to be an athlete to participate in sports. Find out how David had the "Ultimate" experience. 

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  • Establishing a Think Tank

    Ia Tserodze

    Ia founded a think tank on campus and was blown away by DePauw students' initiative. 

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  • Find Your Zen

    Carolyn Jedd

    With my senior year nearing its halfway point, I made it a goal of mine to try something new at DePauw. For the past year or so, I made the dive into practicing yoga. I have attended DePauw yoga classes, followed YouTube yoga instructors and stalked yogi Instagram accounts, but I wanted to explore a new experience. That’s when I saw an advertisement for a weekly Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop…

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