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  • Spooky Fall Playlist

    Marian Hillebrand'16

    FALL IS HERE! It was sudden but inevitable, and I love it. It’s a beautiful time for many reasons (Halloween! Pumpkins! Hot coffee! Cool leaves!), but my favorite thing about it is the constant feeling of spookiness that fills the air.  Take a walk in the nature park, bring a sweater, and listen to this spooky playlist to get in the mood for the season.

    “Tainted Love”- Hannah Peel

    “Danse Macabre...

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  • How To Live Life

    Allie Hunt'16

    My sister just started her freshman year at another university, and I recently asked her what she wished I'd told her before she started college. Her reply? "How to live life."

    I laughed out loud for a long time. No, seriously. A long time. And yet, she's absolutely right. And what's even worse--that's not something I could've told her or anyone else how to do in the first place.

    I remember those...

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  • 6 Reasons Why Being a Freshman is the Best Time of Your Life (Especially at DePauw)

    Katie Tipsword '18

    1.     Getting to go to all of the Greek houses, a plus for both guys and girls

    2.     Everything is new and exciting

    3.     Living in a dorm

    4.     Becoming friends with everyone

    5.     Being on your own for the first time

    6.     The opportunities are endless!

    So freshman get out there and enjoy all that campus has to offer! I can’t wait for you all to experience your first Monon, Little 5,...

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  • The Honor Scholars Experience

    Bronson Roseboro'19

    There is no debating that my Honor Scholar Seminar is just great.

    Choosing my seminar was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, as was the decision to apply to DePauw as an Honor Scholar in the first place. Granted, when I first applied I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like it as much as I do, so I had to ask around and see what people really thought about the program. A DePauw alum I worked with...

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  • Adventures of the Blonde American: Italia

    Mary Grace Morgese'17

    To my new British friends, I am American. It’s simple and it’s true. Yet to me, while I live in America and am undoubtedly American (see: blog title), I am incredibly Italian. Both of my Italian great-grandfather’s names can still be found etched into the immigration stonewall on Ellis Island.  My grandfather too, traveled from Italy and started his life here in the States. The number of Morgese’s...

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