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“Back in a New York Groove”

November 15, 2014

When I was applying to college, I had to make the decision of location. I do love the energy of a big city, but I was so wooed by DePauw’s Liberal Arts curriculum, Media Fellows program, and Winter Term experience that I settled for rural Indiana. However, I have ended up getting the best of both worlds.

DePauw offers five honors and fellows programs: Honor Scholars, Media, Management, Environmental, and Science Research. Since I aspire to work in marketing, I am part of the Media Fellows program. As part of the program, I specialize in analyzing new and existing forms of media and their impact on society. Basically every time I get a push notification from CNN I get excited.

This fall break, 30 members of the Management and Media fellows ventured to New York City to meet with major corporations to see how many alums have built successful careers in finance and media. We toured and listened to presentations from Goldman Sachs, Spotify, NBC, and Time, Inc. It was reassuring to see how...

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How the Lilly Recreation Center Can Get A Girl Off of Netflix

November 14, 2014

I will not deny that one of the things I absolutely hate in this world is working out. In high school, I stayed in shape by playing tennis but when it came to conditioning I can guarantee you that I was dragging myself along in the back and muttering complaints under my breath.  Running laps on the track is pure torture and I didn't even attempt to weight lift. Honestly, I am kind of a real life version of the guy in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

When it came time to pack for college, my mom took me to LuLu Lemon to buy me a cute exercise outfit to motivate me to get away from binge watching Netflix. Even though I liked my new green top and grey shorts, I still was not completely sold on this whole “I go to the gym” life. Then my mom told me that studies link exercise to higher G.P.A.s. Okay, now that was tempting. Since I am a little obsessive over my grades, I ventured over to the gym.

So I finally shuffled on over to the newly renovated Lilly Recreation Center. I was super intimidated that...

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7 Realizations From My Internship & I'm Only Half Way Done

November 12, 2014

Hi, me again. At this point in the semester, I am just over halfway done with my internship at Kurtis Productions! Honestly, I’m trying not to think about it too much… so on with the article! (P.S. if you are one of those people that despises the new listed article fad that’s blowing up the internet… my bad.)

  1. “Real World” priorities are much different than DePauw priorities: Having to wake up and commute to work is not something that most college students think about on a daily basis. But when you are actually confronted with the challenge of waking up early enough to look like a functioning adult AND catch a train, it’s shocking. But, you get used to it. Some changes have to be made (such as not going out on Thursday nights), but it’s do-able. I’ve always been a big fan of sleep, but when I chose to turn of Netflix after only two episodes of New Girl before bed, I knew things had reached a whole new level of real.

  1. A structured schedule is super helpful once adopted: Most of...

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Prepping for the Winter Storm

November 11, 2014

Growing up in Greenwood, Indiana, the random Indiana weather does not faze me anymore. Last year, was quite possibly one of the worst winters I have ever lived through. We missed almost a whole week of school due to the terribly high amount of snow, the freezing temperatures, and the large quantities of ice covering the pavement. At the time, I was excited to have a longer winter break than expected. Going to college definitely reinforced the fact that not everyone who attends DePauw is used to the Indiana weather.  I am used to the cold weather, and the random warm days mixed into the freezing weeks. After talking to a lot of friends who are from all over the world, I have definitely been exposed to many people with many different levels of exposure to the cold weather.

One of my friends just jumped into a leaf pile the other week for the first time. That alone shocked me at first due to the fact that growing up; I saw leaf piles every Fall season. It was tradition to rake leaf piles...

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The Distance Relationship

November 10, 2014

I know this blog sounds like the title for some lifetime movie or free romance novel in the kindle Store, but I can assure you it is nothing of the sort. I have a boyfriend who does not go to DePauw, and I am always asked how I make it work. So here is my best account of what it feels like to have a significant other attend another school. This in no way speaks for the countless other collegiate distance relationships or even my boyfriend’s feelings or experiences. It just speaks for mine.

He attends University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, which is about two hours northwest of Greencastle. The drive between our schools literally has one turn. In college-world we are basically neighbors, but he and I physically see each other only every one to two months. We text each other every day, and we Skype when we can. In fact, it is because of my distance relationship that I have discovered the delights of Google Chat. For free, we can use sound and visual effects during our talks, which give...

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