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  • Confessions of a Senior

    Leeann Sausser ‘16

    Confession: DePauw was not my first choice.

    I was really unsure about coming here. I sent in my acceptance and deposit in April and then proceeded to agonize about my decision for months. Would I make any friends? Was I cool enough? Was I smart enough?


    Confession: First semester was awful.

    I’m very close to my family, so the adjustment period was painful. It didn’t matter that my roommate and...

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  • Au Revoir, 2016

    Mary Grace Morgese ‘17

    Class of 2016,

    I’ve been planning this letter since the beginning of second semester. I have opened this very document ready to write something profound and meaningful, and have closed it every time, unable to adequately express my thoughts. So here I sit, T- one week until graduation with a virtually blank Word document in front me, struggling to tell you exactly what you mean to me.

    From the moment...

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  • No Fear Senior Year?

    Julie Block ‘17

    Well, it’s happening. As my junior year at DePauw comes to an end, I am forced to come to terms with the fact that next year will be my last year as a college student. The big, bad world is waiting for me somewhere beyond the horizon, and I’m just not ready for it yet. So to ease my anxieties, I’d like to share some of my anticipated senior year practices with you:

    Do what you want to do.


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  • Best Study Snacks on Campus to Survive Finals Week

    Miranda Dafoe '18

    Finals week can bring on some of the most stressful days of the semester. Snacks are always a popular choice in trying to make finals a little more bearable. Below is a list of all the best snacks around campus to help you get through a week crammed full of exams and papers.

    Garlic Knots from Anthony’s Pizzeria


    Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Myer’s Market


    Popcorn from Ashley Square Cinema...

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  • 15 Things You Need for Your Dorm Room

    Miranda Dafoe '18

    In preparation for your first year of school, you will be bombarded with endless supply lists of dorm room necessities. Hundreds of dollars of “essentials” and two years of dorm living later, I bring you the critical “essentials” for your dorm room. As a disclaimer, this list does not include cleaning supplies, basic desk supplies or personal hygiene products; however, this does not mean that those...

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