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  • Post Spring Break at DePauw

    Rachel May ‘18

    The time between Spring Break and the end of the school year goes by pretty fast! Packed with great weather and awesome events, here are just a few things that make the last two months of school some of the best times at DePauw.


    After a long winter (let’s face it, winter always seems long), everyone welcomes springtime with open arms – especially at DePauw. It may not even be that...

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  • 10 Moments During College That Everyone Has

    Emma Kate Sterry ‘17

    1) The bittersweet feeling you have when your parents drive away after move-in day. 

    Freedom has just begun. However, I think we can all say we miss our parents while we’re at school, even if they do nag you to make your bed every morning when you’re at home.

    2) The first time you get sick at school. 

    Your mom isn’t there to take care of you and tell you what kinds of medicine to take(or when to...

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  • The Biggest Sorority Surprises

    Cory Hall ‘16

    I am the first person in my family to go Greek, so when I joined the Greek system I didn’t really know what to expect. Here are a few of the things I didn’t see coming (in both good and bad ways!).

    There are a lot of mandatory events to attend. 

    Between weekly chapter meetings, ritual and recruitment practices, and philanthropy events, I didn’t completely realize how much a Greek chapter actually...

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  • Spring Into Summer

    Dennis Okumu ‘19

    So, spring break has just ended. If you’re anything like me, you have already started making plans for the summer. Some of you may have internships lined up, but most people are just looking to kick back, relax and enjoy close to 12 weeks away from any professional-related work. For those of you who are part of the latter group, say no more: I got you.

    Here are four places you should definitely consider...

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  • When Humankind Yields to Nature

    Bronson Roseboro ‘19

    As part of my Honor Scholar First-Year Seminar for second semester, I spent part of my spring break visiting a Japanese Garden.

    Our class’ assignment was to go to a Japanese garden and…exist. That’s it. The entire assignment was to go, sit and just exist for an hour. After visiting, we were to write a three-paragraph forum post on the experience. To put it lightly, I was rather unenthused and was not...

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