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Changed My Major Three Times & Off To Law School

July 8, 2014

Many people entering college have no idea what they may want to major in while some think they have it all figured out. Fortunately for DePauw students, the liberal arts (and sciences) experience ensure that you will have plenty of time to figure it out…and change your mind three times.

When I entered DePauw, I believe I wanted to be a high school math teacher. I loved calculus in high school, and I wanted to make a difference for kids down the road. My first semester at DePauw was filled with courses in our Mathematics department, but I was also enrolled in an art course and a political science course. Even in your first semester, DePauw encourages you to explore different disciplines. For my first Winter Term, I interned in a middle school in Atlanta. I tutored kids after school and shadowed teachers during the day. That experience told me I did not want to be a Math teacher. With my plan dissolved, I needed a new plan and major.

My sophomore year was dominated by communication courses...

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Holding A Job Teaches Responsibility

July 7, 2014

Holding an off-campus job for the past year and a half has been an absolutely positive experience for me. Since midway through my sophomore year, I have been in charge of the referee program for the Putnam County Youth Soccer Association. Each Saturday morning during the season, I wake up and drive out to the fields—thankfully there are always friends on this campus willing to lend their cars to someone in need—to oversee the morning’s game activity. It’s also always a good laugh to see how “dead” a college campus is at 8:30 a.m. on the weekend, and DePauw is no exception as it resembles an absolute ghost town.

There are numerous benefits to having a job, be it on or off-campus, during one’s time at DePauw, or any college for that matter. First and foremost, it puts a little extra money in your pocket for all the various college expenditures beyond tuition and books. Mom and Dad will likely appreciate not being badgered for spending money as well. Second, the job provides a bit more structure...

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Why I Chose DePauw

July 3, 2014

Applying to college is overwhelming. Application deadlines, countless essays, and mandatory tests are just the beginning. Once you apply, you anxiously hope that the packet that contains your acceptance letter will arrive quickly. Then comes April; there are acceptance letters on your kitchen table and the national deadline is rapidly approaching. It is hard enough to pick which colleges to apply to. Now you have to pick which college to attend, to call home for the next four years.

The letters on my kitchen table were from Big Ten schools and one liberal arts college in southern Indiana: DePauw University. I applied to DePauw on a whim. My high school cross country coach had gone to DePauw and she had been begging me to send in an application throughout my entire last year of high school. I discarded a few of the acceptance letters but kept DePauw’s and a few others. Now that I had narrowed my choices, I knew I would have to visit to make my final decision.

After hours of driving through...

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7 Halfway Point Tips From My Internship

July 2, 2014

I am officially halfway done with my communication internship at Teach For America. This is both a time to celebrate and mourn. Celebrate, because I’ll be back at DePauw soon! But mourn, because Teach For America has been an amazing experience that I don’t want to end. So, I decided to create an advice list built from what I’ve learned as an intern. The do’s and don’ts and some helpful advice for any aspiring marketers out there!

1. Apply for internships YOU want to do...but cover all your bases. We all want that internship at Google, but we also have to be realistic. I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t send my resume through to Google, Apple, and Disney corporate. But I’m going to play it smart. It’s like college...with every “reach” you apply for, apply for a more attainable one. Many times, the only way to make it to the “Google” of jobs is to build your experience in smaller companies.

2. Befriend the other interns. Companies hire interns who share similar personalities. Chances...

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The Friendliest People You'll Ever Meet

June 30, 2014

A week ago, I read a blog entitled “The Friendliest People You Will Ever Meet” on The Odyssey. This amazing piece written by Jenni Traver highlights 4 unique ways that make DePauw and more specifically, the people, the friendliest you will ever meet. From male chivalry to everyone’s willingness to meet others, attending DePauw is a truly special experience. To read Jenni’s blog, to find out more about The Odyssey, and to read more articles about DePauw University written by DePauw students, please follow this link:

Kevin Bugielski ‘16

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