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  • When Liberal Arts Meets Kelley

    Luke Bernardi '16

    Last year was the first Winter Term in which DePauw University paired with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business for a unique program. Essentially, the program meshed together a liberal arts education with the Kelley Business School, but condensed the course material into a quick and intensive, three-week class.

    It was much more work than any other Winter Term course, however. It required...

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  • Adventures of the Blonde & Broke American: $pent All My Money Abroad $o You Don't Have To

    I have about two weeks left here and if my calculations are correct, I will have a whopping $0.00 in my bank account upon my arrival home. With the exception of the 34 cents I found rolling around my suitcase, I will have absolutely no money to my name. The following is a list of things I shoulda woulda coulda done to save a few bucks and still have an absolutely amazing time while abroad.

    1. Save...

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  • DePauw Bucket List

    Miranda Dafoe '18

    This is a personally crafted list of some of the things I've done and want to do before I graduate. Your DePauw bucket list will undoubtedly have even more opportunities to take advantage of and enrich your experience. My rule of thumb when it comes to deciding which events to attend is that if it does not violate your morals and you have some time, say yes. Rarely will you regret a new experience...

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  • Over the River and Through the Woods…to Greencastle

    Morgan Shaner '16

    Coming from New York, Greencastle is not the most convenient place to travel to, but the final destination makes it worth the journey every time. As a senior, I’ve done the trip dozens of times, and each trip is a new adventure. I see the voyage from Greencastle to New York (and back again) more as a form of entertainment than anything.

    As I sit on the plane back to Indianapolis after Thanksgiving...

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  • My First Experience in a Musical!

    Rachel May '18

    This fall, I was able to do something that I’ve always wanted to do . . . participate in a musical!

     I have been dancing and singing my whole life, but between dance recitals and choir concerts, being in a musical was a goal that sort of slipped by before I got to college. That’s why I was so excited when I received an email with information regarding try outs for DePauw’s production of Spamalot!...

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