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The Sophomore Struggle: Part 2 “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

September 24, 2014

Hello, my name is Mary Grace Morgese and I am an international travel addict.

I’m only halfway through my first semester of sophomore year and DePauw has already taken me abroad twice. My first study abroad experience was the summer before my freshman year where I studied in Nieva, Spain as a participant in the “Servicio en las Ameicanas” program. Less than a month after returning home and living on campus, I was enrolled for my first Extended Studies term abroad studying European Government and Politics. I spent my January touring London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. Now (unsurprisingly), I’m enrolled in another Extended Studies program. This January I’ll be back to reclaim Spain in “MG takes España Parte Dos”. At that time I’ll travel to Madrid and Malága.

3 trips abroad. 2 years. 1 me.

At a place like DePauw, being addicted to travel is relatively common. 95% of individuals have at least one off campus experience before they graduate. I can honestly say that the study abroad programming...

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Water Bottles are “In”

September 23, 2014

It may seem silly, but it’s real. Water bottles have pervaded our campus.

The first day of class, about half the students in my classes had a water bottle sitting on their desk. By the third day of class, almost every person had a water bottle on display. I didn’t notice how much people actually were drinking from their water bottles, but I noticed water bottles were a thing when I forgot mine the other day and instantly felt like a dehydrated fool.

When did it become such a fashion?

It’s beyond the simple necessity of staying hydrated; a water bottle can say something about the person. Nalgene and Camelback are the most popular, but it isn’t uncommon to see a Polar Bottle, a Contigo, a Nathan, or even a tumbler. Water bottles go beyond a design or color. They flaunt stickers like blue fish and pink whales from Southern Tide and Vinyard Vines, or emblazoned letters of a Greek organization, or simply DePauw Tiger logos.

Whether this speaks for a prominent social scene on campus, where...

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How To: Function Without Your Laptop

September 22, 2014

Currently, I am sitting in my fraternity and typing this in the "notes" section of my iPhone...because my laptop is broken. Yup, broken. Just won't turn on. Clearly, I am having a WONDERFUL day.

But honestly, what the hell am I supposed to do without my laptop? How else am I supposed to procrastinate without having prime access to all my favorite sites (my favorite being Netflix). Perhaps writing this blog is procrastination, let's logically think through what I COULD do in this time, laptop-less.

I could use this time to get my work done.
I could use this time to catch up with old friends.
I could use this time to meditate.
I could use this time to call home.
I could use this time to plan out my future.
I could use this time to go workout.
I could use this time to take a shower. No, I should definitely do this.
I could use this time to clean my room.
I could use this time to do laundry. Another necessity.

While I was definitely laughing as I made this list, I also came to a realization...

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The Sophomore Struggle: Upper Class or not? Part 1

September 22, 2014

Driving down Route 231, surrounded by cornfields, construction, and a complete and utter lack of civilization, for the first time of this college season, I realized something horrifyingly fascinating: I’m getting old.

Did I even apply to college? Were the application supplements truly as irritating as I remember? ACT, SAT, AP, IB and every number associated with these seemingly random and meaningless configuration of letters are somehow exactly that—random and meaningless.

This year, stepping onto campus and venturing out on my own seemed kind of…normal. But then it hit me. Gone were the days where my socially awkward blunders could be chalked up to my “freshman status”. Those intro classes that made my GPA soar are no longer. And my meal plan? History.

Suddenly LinkedIn is the new Facebook—everyone wants to be my friend. People are asking for my resume. “Junior Year Study Abroad” isn’t just a fun thing to dream about, the deadlines for next year? They’re here. My parent’s two new favorite...

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Summer Adventures in Canada

September 19, 2014

For the past three summers, I worked as a Wilderness Tripping Guide for a camp in Northern Minnesota. We take remote wilderness Canoe trips out into provinces of Canada. My big brother, Kyle, and I had the opportunity to lead a two-week, 230-mile canoe trip of six 14-15 year olds called the Flindt-Kopka. I have been on over fifteen different canoe trips ranging from three weeks (500 miles) in Manitoba ending on the Tundra of the Hudson Bay, to a two-week trip through rivers in central Ontario. I have been fortunate enough to encounter the best nature has to offer and I hope to continue going on trips such as these as long as I live.

This trip down the Flindt-Kopka River is the most difficult and special trip I have ever experienced. Not only did I get to experience pristine wilderness with my best friend and brother, but also we were able to overcome some of the worst conditions I have ever seen on a trip.


Our mornings would begin around 4:00 a.m. when Kyle and I would wake up and...

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