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Surviving Midterms Week

October 13, 2014

The first semester of the school year is always exciting, whether as a freshman or as an upperclassman. You’re reunited with all of your friends (and meet new ones), you slowly get back into the habit of going to class and making sure you’re on top of your school work. It’s all fun and games…until you you’re looking at your syllabus and realize midterms week is already next week. Yikes!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as bad as it seems (or as finals week). Here are 7 tips on how to survive this stressful (sometimes 2) week(s):


  1. Take a deep breath

  2. Plan ahead
    Look ahead at your syllabus and highlight, underline, circle, etc. when your exams/papers are. That way you know exactly when they are and you can pace yourself. 

  3. Don’t freak out.

  4. Time Management
    Study a little bit every day. If you have a paper or project, work on it a little bit every day. Cramming at the last minute is never fun. And most likely, it won’t turn out as great as you’d hope. Trust me.

  5. Eat. Shower...

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9 Things Liberal Arts Students Are Tired of Hearing

October 10, 2014

Saying we’re getting a balanced, well-rounded education confuses some people. Here are my sarcastic answers to these questions.

  1. So, how many credit hours is that?
    Do you say how many how many “meal hours” you get too?

  2. You guys love to party.
    Well, I am minoring in fraternity sciences.

  3. Prepare for unemployment.
    hanks for the warning. I guess this giant network of alumni isn’t worth my spit!

  4. What are you going to do with that?
    Probably become Indiana Jones. Or a hobo.

  5. I liked this one liberal arts school, but my parents wouldn’t let me go because of the expensive tuition.
    Weird, because my parents think heaps of student loans build character. But really, DePauw helps, it's not that bad.

  6. I wish I could take fun classes too.
    You’re right. The Neo-Classicism Developments of the Late Roman Economy is a blast.

  7. I bet you went blue in the last election.
    How intuitive. Because of the word “liberal” arts, my campus has no political diversity whatsoever.

  8. Liberal Arts...

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8 Tips for Navigating The Hub for the First Time

October 9, 2014

As first year students, meals come almost exclusively from The Hub, a central all-you-can-eat dining location on campus. Starting in the summer of 2013, The Hub partnered with Bon Appetit to change the dining experience at DePauw. Bon Appetit gives students fresh and house-made food options from local farms while also providing an entirely new menu each meal. The change is quite dramatic from the standard public high-school cafeteria. But even with the best options in the best locations, The Hub can be a little tricky to navigate by the first-time explorer. The following is a series of practical, back-stage secret tips on how to handle your first voyage.

  1. Start your trip with the best: Chip. When you first walk in, you are asked to swipe your meal plan ID (or meal ticket for visitors) with the wonderful ladies who work at the front register. They are always there to welcome you with a warm smile, so it is never a bad idea to learn the names of these women and greet them properly. From...

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Tradition At DePauw

October 9, 2014

From my personal experience, one of the school traditions that I love the most is definitely the Monon Bell! On one Saturday each November, DePauw University Tigers and Wabash College Little Giants meet on the gridiron in one of college football’s oldest and most colorful rivalries. This is only time of the year when every single DePauw student and their family get together and wear tiger gears to support our beloved DePauw football team. To most people, besides the game itself, tailgate before the game is even better. If we’re hosting the game this year, we will gather in the parking lot beside the Blackstone’s Stadium with friends and family to yell, to toast, and to welcome the Bell home with our endless enthusiasm.

However, the Monon Bell football game is far more than just a rivalry for us. We always refer Monon Bell as “a week” rather than “a game” because during the week of the game, both schools have numerous events and shared functions including concerts, debates, and a blood...

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The Secret to Time Management is Sold at Walmart

October 6, 2014

I hate to bear bad news, but college is not the love triangle of social life, academics, and sleep that you thought it was. Consider this like a ship named Student Loans departing from its home country of Intro to Geometry and entering the newfound continent of Analytic Polygon Properties.

College is actually a decagon of class, work, sleep, meals, family, homework, hobbies, friends, love life, and any extracurricular activities you deem worthy of requiring your time. For myself, facing this schedule felt like the scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when that fish-headed guy says, “It’s a trap!” Despite this dramatic plot twist where the rebels might not succeed in destroying the death star, I have our way to the shield generator— and it’s sold at Walmart.

Some people enjoy their iCal or utilize their cellular devices to keep their daily routine in order, but I go to the old-fashioned method of physically writing my schedule in a planner with a pen. No matter the level of technology...

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