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  • Unusual Study Spaces Around Campus

    Libby Kaiser

    Spending too much time in the conventional library? Get away from the crowded spaces and discover these hidden gems.

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  • The Secret Formula to a Successful Senior Year Schedule

    Zak George

    Are you a junior in high school?

    Are you thinking about what classes to take your senior year?

    Are you also considering what the best class options are, in order to be admitted into the college of your choice?

    Don’t you wish there was a secret formula of classes to take and grades to earn in order to ensure success?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this blog post is for you...

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  • Pace Yourself in the Race of Finals

    Laura Ledesma

    Finals are not a sprint. Finals are a marathon. Pace yourself. 

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  • From the Hart of Dixie to the Heartland

    Grace Noden

    Not from the midwest? No worries, we're from all over.

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  • Your Most Underrated Friend in College

    Emma Kate Sterry

    Who will be your best friend be in College? The answer may surprise you!

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