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Posts occurring in January 2014

My Last First Day

January 29, 2014

First last day ever!? Excuse me? Yesterday marked the last first day I will ever have in my educational career. (As of right now I am not going to graduate school). To be honest, I didn’t even realize it was my last first day until at the end of the day when I was getting ready to go to bed. As I sat in my room last night, I thought back to a lot of different things. The first thing that came to my mind was: Why did I ever take that statistics class!? I never even needed it! After I got over the fact that I took some classes that I wish I never had put myself through, I realized that I was truly interested in all of my classes this semester. Luckily, my struggle isn’t classes anymore; my struggle is a lot more real. I mean real life. Its almost February and still unemployed!

Every person I have seen to “catch up” with after winter term keeps asking, “Do you know what you are doing after graduation?” Every time I get that question I just want to punch someone, but I understand that would...

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What's a Rho Gamma?

January 22, 2014

Last Spring I applied to be a Rho Gamma for the 2013-2014 academic year. My best friend was the new Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic team so I thought it would be fun to work with her on recruitment. As a rho gamma, I am essentially a mentor to a group of women wanting to go through recruitment. I take them to all the fun activities during the fall. Along with that, I help prepare them for formal recruitment by explaining the process, giving them all the information they need, and asking any kind of question a girl going through recruitment may have throughout the semester. I get questions like, “What do I wear?”, “Do they really judge me on my hair?”, and “What if I don’t like any of the chapters?”

In a good way, all girls are funny at this stage. They are all nervous but eager to be a part of something great on this campus: Greek life. I think this process really tests the strength of many women, which is why I enjoy being a rho gamma. I really like being able to help...

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The Pro's and Con's of a Three Week Externship

January 22, 2014

Winter Term gives us this great opportunity to dip our toes into something whether it be a class, study abroad, or in my case the professional world. However the three weeks goes FAST and you ask yourself is three weeks enough time? Enough time for what you may ask. For me, it’s enough time to make an impression. As a senior, I want to secure a job for next year and Starcom is high on my list of places I’d like to work. That’s why I’m braving the freezing cold (literally, it’s 3 degrees today) to do this externship. Here’s a pro of the Winternship, I get a look at the company to see if I would really fit here. Also, the Winternship replaces the interview so it’s not just a 45 minute conversation that determines your fate, but three weeks to show what you can do. On the other hand, three weeks isn’t long enough to do a long term project or for your supervisors to teach you a ton of stuff. In my experience, it’s been a lot of short, quick projects and shadowing of other people. Due to the...

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Studying in Australia

January 21, 2014

London and Paris and China, oh my! Many students are off campus currently exploring these wonderful places around the world. Students are on some crazy adventures in Africa while others are lending a helping hand in Costa Rica. I guarantee it will be one of the most memorable times in his or her life. I also know that mine was probably a better experience than anyone else’s. I know that sounds snobbish, but Australia was an eye opening experience for me! 

I was able to travel to Australia for a May Term this past summer with only 13 other students from DePauw. Andrew Hayes and Steve Timm led the trip, I personally could nothave picked better leaders. They were extremely chill, fun but also made sure we didn’t die on our adventures.

This was the first time I left the country other than on a cruise with my family. I was witha lot of familiar faces, but I only had really talked to a handful of the students. However, by the end of the trip I had made many new friends with plenty of memories...

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Winter Term In The Windy City

January 20, 2014

RachelMy name is Rachel Dauenbaugh and I am a senior, history major. For my fourth winter term, I am doing a three week externship at Starcom Media located in downtown Chicago. I have to admit that after three amazing Winter Terms, I did not anticipate this professional experience to be as exciting as say traveling to eight different cities in Italy. I decided on the Winternship as they call it here at Starcom because I wanted a better idea of the media buying industry. Aware that I only had three weeks, I expected coffee runs, copying, and all that other “intern” stuff. I could not have been more wrong. In many ways, this experience is becoming my best WT yet. Obviously different from travelling or a class, but exciting and enriching nonetheless.

There are three other DePauw students doing the externship (including two people who live on my floor Freshman year…full circle much?) so that helped with the nerves on our first day. But after about two hours together, our orientation leader assigned...

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