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The Friendliest People You'll Ever Meet

June 30, 2014

A week ago, I read a blog entitled “The Friendliest People You Will Ever Meet” on The Odyssey. This amazing piece written by Jenni Traver highlights 4 unique ways that make DePauw and more specifically, the people, the friendliest you will ever meet. From male chivalry to everyone’s willingness to meet others, attending DePauw is a truly special experience. To read Jenni’s blog, to find out more about The Odyssey, and to read more articles about DePauw University written by DePauw students, please follow this link:

Kevin Bugielski ‘16

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My DePauw Bucket List

June 30, 2014

Looking back on my four years at DePauw, I am very thankful for the amazing experiences I had. Those experiences ranged from discovering academic passions to meeting lifelong friends. This next round of incoming students will have many opportunities intellectually, socially, and personally at DePauw. To the incoming class, DePauw can help you grow and it will change you in amazing ways. If you want the most out of your four years here, you must be able to not only recognize opportunities as they present themselves but also take advantage of them.

I may not be the first person telling you how to have the best DePauw experience, and I can promise I won’t be the last. Class of 2018, get ready to have every upperclassman and alumni tell you everything that is great about DePauw over and over again. We all think we know how to do the DePauw experience. We all think our way was the best way. You should tackle DePauw your own way even if it means travelling a road (or curvy sidewalk) less taken...

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, The HoScho Program

June 27, 2014

DePauw’s Honor Scholar program is liberal arts on steroids. With DePauw’s College of Liberal Arts, a student gets exposure to a variety of disciplines by taking classes in each of our three distributional areas—students are required to take at least two classes in math/science, arts/humanities, and social sciences. However, the Honor Scholar program takes this smattering of disciplines even further by designing courses where students draw upon knowledge from a number of academic departments for a single course in a given semester. Hoschos (students in the Honor Scholar program) sign up to take one course in each of the distributional areas listed above that they must complete between their sophomore year and graduation. This is in addition to the two seminars they take freshmen year, one during each semester, and the first of which is in lieu of the first-year seminar all incoming students are required to complete.

As for the program itself, Hoscho classes can be a good bit more challenging...

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A Day In The Life Of A Communication Intern

June 25, 2014

Each day I wake up around 10:00 a.m., go for a run along Lake Michigan, and take a shower (like everyone should in the morning). Brushing my teeth is a necessity, so I make sure to get that done before heading over to lunch. Oh wait; I forgot to mention that meals are paid for by Teach For America. Pretty nice, huh? I get to sleep in. I get to enjoy the Chicago weather. And Teach For America pays for virtually...everything.

Surprise! While all of that is true, there are two “downfalls” in the eyes of my peers. One, since I’m a communication intern, my hours generally range from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. or later. I say “in the eyes of my peers,” because when most people hear the hours I work, they think it’s terrible. And two, I work 6 days a week. Yes, you guessed it...I work Sundays. BUT, I absolutely love it! So, what exactly do I do when I’m in the office?

1. I manage all three social media accounts for the Teach For America Chicago Institute...meaning that I am constantly checking...

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The "Greek" Experience

June 24, 2014

Like a lot of students who end up deciding to come to DePauw, I really had no idea what to expect from Greek Life. There’s no high school equivalent and no one in my immediate family had been in a fraternity before, so I showed up wide-eyed and naïve when I first got here. As I started reflecting back on my experience here, however, I came to realize that Greek Life has been an integral component of my college career.

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