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  • Dating At DePauw

    Katie Vaky ‘14

    “Met and Married” is a DePauw term referring to a couple who met as DePauw students and later lived happily ever after. This phrase is popular because quite a few people have found their spouse during their time as DePauw students. In fact, I am a product of “Met and Married!” In 1974, Pete of Bethesda, Maryland was proctoring the language placement tests for transfer students when he met Debbie of Columbus, Indiana. The next night, they were formally introduced at a party at Pete’s fraternity. Nearly thirty years later, their daughter arrived at DePauw.

    There must be something to the dating scene at DePauw that produces so many happy endings. I myself am in a relationship with a great guy I met during my time as a student here. Perhaps it is the outgoing, social, kind people DePauw attracts each year. Perhaps it is the trust we have in one another combined with the fearlessness enforced by the liberal arts education that encourages us take a chance on another person. Whatever is in our...

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  • Internship Goodbyes

    Kevin Bugielski ‘16

    I never thought saying goodbye to a group of fellow interns would be so difficult. By the time you read this blog, I’ll have already moved out of my apartment. I’ll have already said goodbye to 15 of the most amazing people I have ever met. And I’ll have already completed an internship with Teach For America that, for a variety of reasons, changed my life. Cliché and corny, right? Hear me out.

    Teach For America brought together a group of 15 students from across the country and (unknowingly) gave us a choice. We could either get to know each other and form meaningful relationships...or not. Thankfully, we chose the first option, and became a family. For 7-weeks, we lived, worked, ate, laughed, and cried together. We explored Chicago together, exercised together, and even sang and danced together. So, what did this relationship create?

    It created a place where leadership resided.
    From the first day, I knew I was among some of the brightest and most determined leaders on their respective...

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  • “Office Culture | Student Culture”

    Kevin Bugielski ‘16

    If I wasn’t interning at Teach For America, I could easily map out the multitude of differences between being a student and being an intern. However, I can honestly say that TFA office culture is very similar to DePauw student culture. That being said, I wanted to find at least a couple I called upon my intern friends to help think of some. Ready?

    1. We have to dress professionally: ...all the time.

    2. We have to use TFA lingo during any and all conversations: CM’s, OC’s, OD’s, IMT, SOM’s, etc.

    Now that those are out of the way, if there are so few differences, how are office culture and student culture so similar?

    1. Small age gap between interns and bosses: Teach For America interns are college juniors and seniors. Our bosses? Recent college graduates. We’re more “friends” than “co-workers.”

    2. Teach For America living situation: Our apartments mirror that of a college dorm. While the apartments are much nicer, they gave us a chance to bond and really get to know...

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  • Top Study Spots on Campus

    Rebeca Bagdocimo ‘17

    As a tour guide and student at DePauw, I not only have the latest news before it is released on Tuesdays and Fridays by “The DePauw” - our student run newspaper - but I also have the insight on the top study spots on campus.

    The first and most popular is the Percy Lavon Julian Science and Mathematics Center. There are three floors of chairs, tables, and students occupying every square foot. In addition, there is the Prevo Science and Mathematics library located on the first floor and conference rooms strategically placed throughout the building. Finding a spot in Julian might be challenging but is possible. If you get there past 7 pm, don’t count on finding a table in Prevo or a conference room that isn’t already filled with laptops and notebooks.

    Similar to Julian with three floors and conference rooms, we have the Roy O. West Library. The added benefit of studying at Roy is a cafe similar to Starbucks but only if you are willing to travel five minutes across campus. After grabbing a...

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  • “5 Steps To Find An Internship You’re Proud Of”

    Kevin Bugielski ‘16

    Up until now, I’ve been writing blogs about how amazing my Communication Internship at Teach For America has been. However, I never explained the steps I took to secure an internship I am proud of. Come February/March of 2014, Teach For America was NOT the only internship on the table for me...thanks to these 5 steps I took in my process of searching for an internship.

    Step 1: Fix your resume and cover letter. “Fix” can mean two things. If you don’t already have a resume and cover letter, fix one up! If you do, then fix it up.

    Why? Because you need to impress the company before they offer you an interview.

    Does it work? Before I sent my resume and cover letter to Teach For America and many other companies, I shared it with my family, friends, and the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement. I applied to 5 internships at large companies. I was offered 5 interviews.

    Step 2: Talk with your parents and tell them you’re interested in getting a summer internship. 

    Why? Because they have connections...

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