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  • My Journey to DePauw

    Meg Morrow ‘18

    While this deceptively looks like it’s not that much stuff, trust me, the entire car was filled to the brim. Per a typical freshman, I may have over packed… just a little.

    The hardest goodbye was easily to my dog, he’s been my best friend since I was 8 years old. If you have a pet, I’m sure you understand the pain I went through leaving that little guy.

    I drove down to DePauw with my mom the night before Move-In Day from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The view out the window was 95% cornfields, but I’m already in love with Greencastle.

















    When we finally pulled into DePauw after a 5-hour road trip, I was driving, and my mom tried to take a picture, but is technologically challenged. So I apologize for the blurry picture, but driving through the gates at DePauw and seeing East College all lit up is amazing.

    We stayed at the Inn and woke up bright and early the next morning to start the move-in process. When we first got into the room, we...

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  • “DePauw Is Family | Welcome Class of 2018”

    Kevin Bugielski ‘16

    DePauw University is many things. It is happiness, excitement, confidence, and teamwork, just to name a few. But there is one word that describes DePauw in its entirety, and that word is family.

    Let’s quickly run through the DePauw Family Tree. Yes, Dr. Brian Casey serves as the President of DePauw University, but he also acts as our wise parent, leading DePauw and its students to greatness with his many years of expertise. The best part? He’s that “cool” parent all your friends love and who gets along with everyone.

    Then, there are DePauw staff members. From Deans and Professors, to Public Safety Officers and Hubbard Center staff, they act as our aunts and uncles. Disciplining us when necessary, but always there to chat and help shape us into fine men and women.

    Finally, there are us, the siblings...2,400 strong. The oldest siblings, DePauw’s Class of2015, lead by example, while the classes of 2016, 2017, and soon, 2018, learn and follow. Class of 2018, you can count on this family...

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  • Picking Your Advisor

    Rebeca Bagdocimo ‘17

    DePauw requires students to declare their major by March of their sophomore year. At this time, students are able to choose an academic advisor. When I came to campus, I was eager to declare my major. I knew I wanted to study Economics when I applied to DePauw. Upperclassmen told me to wait until my sophomore year because I might change my mind one, two, or maybe even three times. I did not change my mind but I did wait. I waited until I found a professor in the Economics department that would assist me in achieving my educational and career goals.

    After one week in Intermediate Microeconomics, I found that my professor challenged me to study more than required, to explore other interests, and to research independently. Soon after, I declared my major and chose him as my academic advisor. I was able to share my success as well as my failures with him. He was there not only for course planning but also for encouragement.

    After a not so great final exam, he told me “Look in a mirror and...

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  • Social Life @DePauwU

    Rebeca Bagdocimo ‘17

    College is an opportunity to improve academically and socially. You have four years to take challenging courses, to discover your interests, and to become a part of your school’s legacy. Academically, students have similar experiences at DePauw. Every student will take a First-Year Seminar, six required courses that fall into three distribution areas, and a Senior Capstone. Socially, students have different experiences. Your social life is defined by your involvement in clubs and organizations, honors and fellows programs, varsity athletics, and of course the friends you make.

    At schools with large Greek life percentages, it can be easy for students to confuse social life with Greek life. While Greek life has social aspects such as formals, informals, and philanthropy events, it is not the only thing that affects social life. Like any organization, program, or athletic team, the time you dedicate to the activity is what affects your social life. Many students chose to go Greek because...

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