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Alumni Association Board of Directors

Are you a DePauw alum? If you are, you are a member of the Alumni Association!

The Alumni Association of DePauw University is a non-dues paying association with life-long membership. Though we do not collect dues, there are many benefits and opportunities available through the Office of Alumni Relations.

The Alumni Association is governed by the board of directors and organized into regional chapters and oversees the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Council.

The Members of the Alumni Association Board Board of Directors are:

Class YearName and E-mail LinkCity 
1975 Mr. Marcus R. Veatch  
Indianapolis, IN  
1989 Mr. Brent E. St. John  
Vice President
Saint Louis, MO  
1982 Mr. Gilbert D. Standley  
Indianapolis, IN  
1985 Mr. Charles J. Nelson  
Sherman Oaks, CA  
1979 Mr. Donald M. Phelan  
Fishers, IN  
2000 Mr. Scott R. Reynolds  
Bloomington, IN  
1980  Ms. Debra Haerr Victor  
Saint Louis, MO  
1989 Mr. J. Allan Arnold Harlan, IN  
1966 Mr. Stanley L. Bahler   Cincinnati, OH  
1977 Mr. Charles E. Barbieri  Haslett, MI  
2007 Ms. Lindsay Ann Bartlett Chicago, IL  
1985 Mr. Denzil P. Bennett II  Minneapolis, MN  
2001 Mr. Michael E. Bogers   Fishers, IN  
1972 Mr. James A. Campbell Bloomfield Hills, MI  
1969 Mrs. Roberta Graef Carlin Louden, TN  
1991 Mrs. Courtney Hughes Comer Chicago, IL  
2010 Ms. Nicole Christine Craker Beavercreek, OH  
1999 Dr. Rebecca A. Cunningham Los Angeles, CA  
2004 Mrs. Kelli J. Davis Indianapolis, IN  
1996 Mr. Taray Delemore  Indianapolis, IN  
1996 Mrs. Denise Castillo Dell Isola  Chicago, IL  
1987 Mr. Jonathan C. Dill Cincinnati, OH  
1970 Mr. Peter M. Donahower San Mateo, CA  
1984 Mr.. Drew D. Dunlavy Fort Wayne, IN  
1992 Dr. Kathlyn E. Fletcher   Milwaukee, WI  
1982 Mr. Dave Gislason   Chesterfield, MO  
1998 Ms. Kerrie L. Grimstad Chicago, IL  
1962 Dr. John W. Hare Boston, MA  
2001 Mr. Ivan D. Hoffman Indianapolis, IN  
1970 Mr. Steven A. Holt Arcadia, IN  
1982 Ms. Melody S. Key Tiburon, CA  
1977 Mrs. Julie Reynolds King Houston, TX  
1965 Mr. Jeffrey E. Lortz Lake Mary, FL  
1986 Ms. Jill Robertson McNay San Francisco, CA  
2012 Mr. Logan Alexander Meek Tulsa, OK  
1986 Mr. Charles F. Meyer Saint Louis, MO  
1969 Dr. Janel H. Miller Houston, TX  
1964 Dr. Roger B. Nelsen  Portland, OR  
1977 Mr. Steven W. Peterson Winnetka, IL  
1963 Mr. Dennis A. Priser Kettering, OH  
2011 Ms. Sally Mitchell Reasoner Indianapolis, IN  
2001 Mrs. Wandini D.F. Riggins Carmel, IN  
1998 Mr. Martin A. Ruiz New York, NY  
1972 Mr. Thomas R. Schuck  Felicity, OH  
1975 Mrs. Janet L. Schwartz Lexington, KY  
1983 Dr. Daniel L. Schwarz  Charlotte, NC  
2001 Ms. Freedom Shalane Nicole Smith Indianapolis, IN  
1969 Mr. Tyler B. Somershield  Chagrin Falls, OH  
1969 Mr. James M. Tomsic Elyria, OH  
1982 Mr. Robert R. Torkelson Napa, CA  
1988 Mr. Michael J. Traylor Portland, OR  
1980 Mrs. Barbara Martin Tubekis Winnetka, IL  
2001 Mr. Felix P. Yau Carmel, IN  
1970 Mr. Thomas S. Yeo  Zionsville, IN