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Alumni Board Nomination Form

The DePauw Advancement Research Office will supplement nominations with information on file with the University.  In the fall/winter, the Nominating Committee of the Alumni Association will meet to review nominations and will select new members.  The slate of new members is approved by the entire Alumni Board of Directors during their spring meeting.  Nominations are confidential and nominees are not notified unless invited to serve on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Nominees remain on the nomination list for three years.  If after three years, the nominee has not been selected, he/she may be re-nominated for another three year period.

Deadline for submission:  June 30th

Please click here for a printable pdf version of the form.


Please complete the following form about the individual you seek to nominate.


Please provide your contact information so we may contact you with additional questions about your nominee.


Please provide a brief explanation of the qualifications of this nominee for Alumni Board membership. Please use your own words to list relevant accomplishments or other recognition.