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Purposes of the DePauw University Alumni Association Board of Directors

To promote and support the welfare of DePauw University, all for educational and charitable purposes and for public welfare.

To direct and coordinate University alumni affairs by serving as a communications link, including representing alumni concerns in respect to the University.

To promote the activities of the Association which shall include but are not limited to the following:

  • providing a medium through which the alumni, both graduates and former students, can contribute to the welfare of the University.
  • fostering a spirit of loyalty and fraternity and bonds of fellowship and mutual assistance among such alumni.
  • acquainting the alumni with the progress and needs of the University.
  • exhorting the alumni to interpret the work and services of the University to others.
  • encouraging united action in promoting and advancing the interest in the general welfare of the University as an educational institution.
  • participating in fund raising for the University.
  • assisting in class reunions, homecoming and similar activities, on and off the campus of the University.
  • sponsoring recreational and other appropriate nonprofit activities involving alumni.
  • awarding alumni for outstanding work in promoting the welfare of the University.
  • elect members of the Board of Directors of the Association.
  • consider and act upon any and all matters which are determined to be necessary, appropriate, convenient or expedient to carry out the purposes of the Association.

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