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Board of Directors Committees

Committee Charges


The Admissions Committee will provide alumni assistance to the Admissions Office in recruiting and enrolling targeted students to DePauw and work to educate and engage the alumni in the University’s admission process.


The Development Committee will promote loyal financial support of the University from all alumni recommending strategies for alumni engagement, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

Career Services

In collaboration with the Career Development Office, the Career Services Committee is dedicated to facilitating and strengthening the link among employers, alumni and students.

Regional Programming

The Regional Programming Committee provides meaningful opportunities which engage and connect DePauw alumni around the world.

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Committee assists the Alumni Office in identifying strategies and programs that will help provide opportunities for engagement with current students both on and off-campus.


Alumni Association Board
COMMITTEE Assignments

(January 2015)

Association Officers
Brent St. John '89, President

Don Phelan '79, Vice President
Jill McNay '86, Secretary
Admission Committee
Jon Dill '87, Chair

Stan Bahler '66
Charles Barbieri '77
Denny Bennett '85*
Joy Blang '92

Barbara Bowman '83
John Cassidy '82
Denise Castillo Dell Isola '96 
Kathy Locke '85
Bob Torkelson '82
Felix Yau '01
Debra Victor '80 , Chair

Jim Campbell '72
Becky Cunningham '99
Kristina DeYoung '05

Carol Golder '81
Melody Key '82
Thomas Schuck '72*
Janet Schwartz '75
Brady Toliver '00

Career Services Committee
John Hare '62, Chair
Taray Delemore '96
Tim Feemster '68
Kathlyn Fletcher '92

Matthew Newill '09
Tyler Somershield '69
Jim Tomsic '69
Tom Yeo '70

Regional Engagement Committee
Kerrie Grimstad '98 Chair

J. Arnold '89
Michael Bogers '01
Peter Donahower '70*
Drew Dunlavy '84
J.R. Foster '02
Jennifer Hallman '00
Jeff Lortz '65
Wandini D.F. Riggins '01

Student Engagement
Freedom Smith '01, Chair
David Blackburn '04
Logan Meek '12***
Ellen Miller '76

Roger Nelsen '64
Tyler Perfitt '13***
Kelly Smith '04*
Michael Traylor '88

*Denotes vice chair
***Denotes student-elected representatives.