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Alumni Directory

Through the Alumni Gateway, you can search for fellow DePauw graduates in the Alumni Directory using either the Simple Search or Advanced Search options. The directory is a great resource for personal and professional networking and an easy way to keep up-to-date on fellow alumni!

Simple Search

  • Search by first name, last name or graduation year or any combination of the three!
  • Not certain how the name is spelled?  You can type a portion of the name and use the wild card character, %, to broaden your search (i.e., last name of Smith = Smi%).

 Advanced Search

  • A great tool to narrow down your search.
  • Looking for all the alums who had a certain Greek affiliation?  Enter the chapter of your choice to find members of an organization.
  • Want to contact those alums in a certain job category?  Try entering company names or job titles to fit what you're looking for.
  • Maybe you would like to connect with those alums in a certain city or state.  You have that ability to search for alumni in specific areas too.
  • The possibilities are endless!

To help other alumni find you, make sure to keep your contact and business information up-to-date through your personal profile! Through your profile you'll be able to manage exactly what other alumni will be able to see about you, allowing you to share only as much as you'd like.