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Honor Gifts

Each year, DePauw University receives gifts that are made specifically in honor of a living individual, such as a family member or friend who attended DePauw, or a member of the University’s faculty.  Between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, the following individuals were honored through gifts and pledges to DePauw.


Rawson H. Murdock Jr. 1944

Charles W. Hillman ’52 and Anne Mossberg Hillman ’51


Roland S. Yunghans 1950

Dorothy Cline Yunghans ’49


Raymond J. Payne 1951

Elizabeth Class Payne ’53


Don B. Ansel 1952

Irene Koebke Ansel ’52


Donald E. Archer 1953

Janet E. Archer


David J. Morehead 1953

Betty Davis Givens ’54 and David W. Givens


Betty Davis Givens 1954

Rosemary Davis Shaw ’58 and Laurence H. Shaw


Marjorie Davis Morehead 1954

Betty Davis Givens ’54 and David W. Givens


Marjorie Stutz Carr 1955

Louis O. Carr ’53


Frederick F. Boling 1956

Miriam Query Boling ’58


J. Raymond North Jr. 1956

Sue Sappenfield North ’56


William E. Haslem 1958

Deanna Worl Haslem ’59


Hubert T. Hinds 1960

Ann Harger Hinds ’60


Richard A. Partridge 1961

Richard A. Partridge ’61 and Patricia Jeffries Partridge ’61


David A. Claar 1964

Virginia Jackson Claar ’63


John V. Horton 1967

Kathleen Gross Horton ’68


Derreth Case Roberts 1969

James J. Roberts


James D. Weddle 1975

Stacey Shepherd Weddle ’75


Thomas E. Robertson 1977

Catherine Krumwiede Robertson ’77


James R. Gates 1978

R. Matthew Neff ’77 and Lee Loving Neff ’78

Richard S. Neville ’76 and Janet Asp Neville

Bruce L. Stallings ’77 and Katrina Sorenson Stallings ’79

John H. Wallace ’76 and Sarah Reese Wallace ’76


John C. Mason 1980

John C. Mason ’80 and Jane Oberlin Mason ’81


M. Scott Welch 1982

Gretchen E Neely


David A. Morris 1983

Lynn Beimdiek Morris ’84


Dana C. Hayes Jr. 1986

Sharon Sandbo Hayes ’86


Mindy Laukitis Ellis 1989

Charles M. Ellis ’88


Dale Gossard Stevenson 1989

John G. Stevenson ’89


Jon R. Bosler 1990

Susan Brouillette


Matthew P. Brookman 1990

Michele Herrell Brookman ’90


J. Brad Morrow 1990

Julie Carson Morrow ’91


Laura Kerr Gardiner 1991

William D. Kerr Jr., Parent


Lisa Henderson Bennett 1993

Isham Jay Bennett ’91


Meg Tewel Comer 1993

Ben D. Comer ’93


Suzanne Menne Kirkhoff ’93

Eugene C. Menne and Dorothy A. Menne, Parents


Brently A. Johnson 1995

Britany Blakeley Johnson ’95


Thomas M. Cockerill 1996

Alison Hammerschmidt Cockerill ’96


Douglas F. Hastert 1996

Thomas W. Oetinger and Judith F. Oetinger, Parents


Ryan C. Palmer 1999

Anna Eidson Palmer ’99


Heather McDermit Brewster 2001

George C. McDermit and Donna A. McDermit, Parents


Stephen Andrew Silca 2002

George N. Silca and Diane B. Silca, Parents


Mary Catherine Moroney 2004

Kathleen L Moroney, Parent


John Michael Musselman 2006

Thomas W. Oetinger and Judith F. Oetinger, Parents


Lauren McDermit Adams 2007

George C. McDermit and Donna A. McDermit, Parents


Kathryn Lee Cooper 2008

Marc E. Cooper ’76 and Linda K. Cooper, Parent


Dimitrios Costandinos Lalos 2008

Jennifer Zoller Lalos ’08


Eliza Brianne Dowell 2011

Greg Stephen Dowell and Emily Suzanne Dowell, Parents


Chelsey Elizabeth Jonason 2011

Lornell Elizabeth Jonason, Parent


Jordan Taylor Buchanan 2012

Jerry B. Buchanan and Karen B. Buchanan, Parents


Nicholas S. Meiners 2012

Stephen R. Meiners and Sharon C. Meiners, Parents


Samantha Addy Wong 2012

Victoria J. Dooley, Parent




William J. Brems

Nora E. Brems, Parent


Michael Ardel Bunge

Nancy Jane Bunge, Parent


John C. Davenport

Amy J. Davenport, Parent


Richard K. Douglas

Celeste Frances Douglas, Parent


Ronald K. Drake

Elaine C. Drake, Parent


James B. Hawkins

Marcia Trisler, Parent


Jeffrey P. Jones

Carolyn A. Jones, Parent


Gregory Lee Kunkel

Laurie Ann Kunkel, Parent


Michael Stewart Lampton

Deborah Sue Lampton, Parent


David Mailen Mills

Gretchen Haak Mills, Parent


Kevin O’Connell

Jill O’Connell, Parent


Joan Elizabeth Rousseau

William B. Strubbe and Kim H. Strubbe, Parents


Mark R. Shamleffer

Peggy A. Shamleffer, Parent


Hollis Newcomb White III

Marla White, Parent


Faculty and Staff


Frank Walker Gilmer

Christine Boeke ’78


Marilea B. Wilkerson

M. Scott Wilkerson




David W. Givens

Rosemary Davis Shaw ’58 and Laurence H. Shaw


Harold O. Southard

Jane Ann Oliver Southard ’68


Thomas E. Zapp

Mary Purnell Zapp ’72


Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Names in italics indicate donors who were deceased before July 1, 2013.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: