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Memorial Gifts

Many members of the DePauw community find memorial gifts to the University to be an appropriate way to honor and celebrate a relative or friend. DePauw University is grateful to receive these gifts, which provide important resources for DePauw students and faculty members.


Grace Holmes Federmann 1913

Patricia F. Evans ’44


Robert H. Farber 1935

John R. Mohr


Kathlyn Holway Fletcher 1938

J. Robert Fletcher, Parent


Arthur G. Allard Jr. 1943

Margaret S. Sant’Ambrogio ’57


Peggy Horr Murphy 1943

Robert T. Murphy ’42


Charles P. Erdmann 1945

John S. Moffet ’73


Arlyn Theiss Johnson 1946

Byron W. Meyer and Beverly Pochat Meyer

Elizabeth A. Theiss‑Morse


Dorothy Hammond Taber 1947

Deborah K. Taber


Lynn Stang Browne 1948

JoAnne Dixon Norton ’53 and Richard S. Norton


William W. Carpenter 1948

Douglas J. Carpenter


Lyda Steffen Personett 1948

Margaret S. Sant’Ambrogio ’57


Dorothy Jacobs Carpenter 1949

Douglas J. Carpenter


Clyde H. Vadner 1949

Sarah Jones Reincke ’80 and Terry L. Reincke

H. Kenneth Reynolds Jr. ’49

Nan M. Smith


Gretchen Wells 1949

John S. Wells Jr. ’47 and Deborah T. Wells ’51


James B. Bolen Jr. 1950

Patricia Martin See ’49


Thomas S. Emison 1950

Mary K. Emison, Parent


Robert Noble Porter 1950

David G. Stork and Nancy Porter Stork


John W. Rippetoe ’50

Nancy Shafer Near ’76 and James Edward Near


Nancy Nelson Hamilton 1952

Susan M. Blake ’52

Loren D. Daily ’51 and Gloria Lindquist Daily ’52


William A. Shumaker 1953

Joyce Shoptaugh Shumaker ’55


Gordon C. Gimple 1954

Kirsten Hagen Anthony ’02 and Leonard Anthony


Peter M. Dawson 1955

Julia Whitney Dawson ’58


Robert I. Gephart 1955

Norman F. Jay ’55 and Judith Harding Jay, Parent


Ann Messersmith Fletcher 1956

R. Rolph Fletcher


Susan Dee Kerr 1956

William D. Kerr Jr., Parent


Beverly Bryan Wirsching 1957

Mary L. Manning ’57


Neal A. Cochran 1958

Barbara Tracy Cochran ’58

Tracy Cochran Garrity ’82 and Dennis J. Downing


Sandra Haverfield Kroder 1958

Stanley L. Kroder


Carol Bowers Norris 1959

Bill Bennett and Barbara Y. Bennett

Sandra R. Mitchell


Max A. Tudor 1959

Sandra Lee Tudor


Frank L. Green 1964

Susan F. Foreman

Doris S. Hawes


John W. Hatcher 1961

Lindsay Carter and Clayton P. Carter


Jennifer Sanger Griffin 1962

Marilyn Miller Holmes ’62


Thomas T. Hicks 1962

Brian T. Hicks ’00 and Sara Warren Hicks ’00


Nancy Mills Catlin 1963

Kathleen Spangler Vashaw ’63 and V. Harward Vashaw


Judith Holden Wright 1963

Kathleen Spangler Vashaw ’63 and V. Harward Vashaw


Kirby W. Bay 1964

L. Terry Chappell ’65 and Barbara E. Chappell


Carol A. Farmer 1966

Pamela Blake Peters ’66 and Robert K. Peters


Robert F. Flickinger 1968

Caryl Flickinger


Anne Meadows Gottbrath 1968

Christopher L. Gottbrath ’96 and Lara A. Dodds ’97


Susan L. Saunders 1968

Suzanne Barker Sjostrom ’70 and Darryl B. Sjostrom


Sara Rush Shuman 1970

Stanley A. Shuman


Patti Harper Coyle 1971

Margaret Horrigan ’71 and Terry N. Foster


Mary L. McClain 1971

Marcia Fergus Hopkins ’71 and Donald W. Hopkins


Frederick K. Donaldson 1972

George D. Donaldson ’50

John W. Donaldson ’51 and Sara Rudolph Donaldson

David E. Hickman ’73 and Jacquelyn Hickman


Robert L. Perry 1972

Joseph F. Vosicky Jr. ’71


Melvin Kenneth Tracht 1972

Mildred J. Tracht, Parent


Peter J. Rogers 1984

David M. Findlay ’84 and Susan Scott Findlay, Parent


David M. Galle 1987

James K. Baker ’53 and Beverly B. Baker ’59


Meghan Kelly Parker 1994

Fredrick W. Parker II ’69 and Barbara White Parker ’69


Amy Eileen Hasbrook 2000

Analisa Oviedo Spicer ’00 and Gregory M. Spicer


Polly Elizabeth Marchese 2001

Ashley S. English ’01

Analisa Oviedo Spicer ’00 and Gregory M. Spicer


Vanessa Anne Baer 2006

James P. Howell ’71 and Elizabeth C. Howell




Joyce G. Christiansen

Robert L. Haymaker and Joanne L. Haymaker


Thomas D. Fitzpatrick

Suzanne L. Hickman ’75 and John W. Weber


James E. George

John S. Jones ’71


Theodore M. Katula Jr.

John S. Moffet ’73


Marvin K. Long

Paul R. Carlson

Nick Mourouzis and Marilyn Mourouzis


Elsa B. Mazanec

James S. McElwain ’59 and Ruth Eichelman McElwain ’59


Faculty and Staff


C. Hal Albro Jr.

David A. Poggemeier 1979


Cassel Grubb

Suzanne L. Hickman ’75 and John W. Weber


Stanley R. Irwin

Brian L. Boak ’96 and Lynn Wallis Boak ’96


Clifton J. Phillips

William Wayne Farris ’73


Vincent A. Serpa

Marcia Fergus Hopkins ’71 and Donald W. Hopkins




Michael D. Johnson

Carol A. Moyer ’77 and Louis T. Zaczkiewicz


William M. Norris

Bill Bennett and Barbara Y. Bennett


Mary G. Williams

John D. Williams ’47


Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Names in italics indicate donors who were deceased before July 1, 2013.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: