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The Washington C. DePauw Society

In 1986 the DePauw University Board of Trustees authorized the formation of The Washington C. DePauw Society to honor DePauw’s most generous donors. Like the University’s first great benefactor for whom the Society is named, these alumni, parents and friends demonstrate through leadership-level gifts their love of DePauw and their commitment to its liberal arts mission.


Lifetime Membership

The Washington C. DePauw Society extends lifetime membership to donors and their spouses whose gifts and commitments to the University total at least $100,000. Their contributions to DePauw are recognized by individual bronze plaques on the wall of The Washington C. DePauw Plaza in front of East College. The exceptional financial support from the lifetime members of The Washington C. DePauw Society has shaped the history and progress of DePauw. So many of the excellent academic opportunities, resources and facilities that the University provides to its students and faculty members would not be possible without the generosity and leadership of these major donors. The University gratefully acknowledges the extraordinary giving of these alumni, parents and friends.


The Lifetime membership levels of The Washington C. DePauw Society are:

Trustee Associates Lifetime........... $100,000,000 or more

East College Lifetime........... $50,000,000–$99,999,999

President’s Lifetime........... $25,000,000–$49,999,999

Old Gold Lifetime........... $10,000,000–$24,999,999

Charter Lifetime........... $5,000,000–$9,999,999

Partner Lifetime........... $1,000,000–$4,999,999

Fellow Lifetime........... $500,000–$999,999

Lifetime........... $100,000–$499,999


Qualifying gifts and commitments include cash, securities, real estate and other personal property. They may be in the form of outright gifts, bequests or life income agreements. Gifts to the Annual Fund are cumulative toward lifetime membership in the Society.


Annual Membership

The Washington C. DePauw Society offers an annual membership to alumni, parents and friends who make an Annual Fund gift to DePauw of $1,500 or more. Alumni who graduated within the past 14 years qualify for annual membership at separate giving levels. Annual membership and recognition is based on an individual’s or couple’s personal gifts and matching gifts received in a single fiscal year. The University depends on leadership-level gifts to the DePauw Annual Fund, which provides critical support of the current-year operating budget to underwrite the University’s intellectual and creative life.


The annual membership levels of The Washington C. DePauw Society are:

  • $1,500 or more from alumni who are 15 or more years post graduation (Class of 1998 or prior).
  • $1,000 or more from alumni who are 10–14 years post graduation (Class of 1999 through Class of 2003).
  • $500 or more from Graduates of the Last Decade, alumni who are 1-9 years post graduation (Class of 2004 through Class of 2013).

Report of gifts received and pledges made July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. Names in italics indicate donors who were deceased before July 1, 2013.

DePauw University has made every effort to maintain accuracy in the preparation of the Donor Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors. Unfortunately, mistakes and omissions can and do occur. If you should find an error in these reports, please notify the University so that our records can be corrected. Write: DePauw University, Stewardship Office, Attn: Donor Annual Report, Greencastle, IN 46135-0037 or email: