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Virtual Alumni College

This webinar series provides alumni with lifelong learning opportunities and the ability to engage faculty and fellow alumni in the kind of discourse students regularly enjoy at DePauw.

Upcoming Sessions

Moral Knowledge and Moral Education

Andrew Cullison '01, Director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics
April 22 at 8 pm

One might think that in order for moral education to make sense, moral knowledge must be possible. But many are worried that we can't have moral knowledge. In this session, I will discuss the case against the possibility of moral knowledge. I will also present and explain a popular view about the nature of reasonable belief and knowledge according to which, as it turns outs, moral knowledge is possible. As we will see, it's very difficult to make the case that moral knowledge isn't possible.  I will then turn to talk about whether this really has any bearing on the feasibility of moral education.