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Virtual Alumni College Archive

Past Virtual Alumni College lectures are posted below.

Decoding charlie hebdo: The Origins and cultural perceptions of caricature

Anne Harris
Professor of Art and Art History

March 2015

ISIS and the Pathology of Politics in the Middle East

Jeff Kenney
Professor of Religious Studies

February 2015

Understanding the Ebola Threat

Sharon Crary
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

December 2014


Exploring the Extreme Universe

Mary Kertzman
Professor of Physics and Astronomy


Ain't that America?
History and Culture in the Country

James C. Giesen ’95
Associate Professor of History, Mississippi State


Happiness: Living with Peace, Confidence & Joy

Doug Smith '68

October 2014


The Crisis in Journalism

Jeff McCall
Professor of Communication

September 2014

Humanitarian Intervention

Brett O'Bannon
Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of Conflict Studies

October 2013


The Federal Reserve and its Historic Response to the Great Recession

Mary English Dixon
Professor Emerita of Economics and Management

November 2013


Freedom Summer in Mississippi Revisited

John Dittmer
Professor Emeritus of History

February 2014