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The Chicago Regional Alumni Chapter develops, coordinates and promotes opportunities for involvement in the life of the University for alumni in the Chicago region.


Meet the Chicago Regional Chapter Leaders:

Class Year

Name and Email Link


2007 Lindsay Bartlett, Chairperson Chicago, IL
2005 Nilda Bueno, Secretary Chicago, IL
2008 Amanda Gebert, Events Co-Chair Chicago, IL
2005 Ninos Gewargis, Events Co-Chair Chicago, IL
2009 Siobhan Lau, Volunteer Chair Person Chicago, IL
2008 Cassie Abraham Chicago, IL
2004 Matthew Arient Naperville, IL
2005 Kristin Rosenberger Bagley Chicago, IL
2009 Mary-Therese Schmidt Barkhausen Chicago, IL
2010 Wicks Barkhausen Chicago, IL
2007 Matt Barwise Chicago, IL
2005 Marc Bowser Chicago, IL
2011 Hallie Moberg Brauer Chicago, IL
2006 Heidi Gonso Carey Chicago, IL
2008 Anne Cawley Chicago, IL
2008 Kerry Cragin Chicago, IL
2008 Melissa Davis Northfield, IL
1996 Denise Castillo Dell Isola Chicago, IL
2005 Sheila Dorsey Chicago, IL
2009 Matthew Drew Saint Charles, IL
1987 Mike Ehlers Chicago, IL
1984 Doug Elliott Chicago, IL
1998 Ben Elrod Chicago, IL
2001 Mason Floyd Glenview, IL
2008 Tegan Gebert Chicago, IL
2007 Kyle Hawkins Chicago, IL
2003 Quinn Heidenreich Chicago, IL
2004 Jeremy Hunt Chicago, IL
2006 Andrea Johnson Chicago, IL
2008 Claire Johnson Clarendon Hills, IL
2008 Tory Key Chicago, IL
2005 Nick Kindelsperger Chicago, IL
2005 Sheila Madden Libertyville, IL
2012 Scott Mason Chicago, IL
2006 Megan Mrowiec Northbrook, IL
2007 Meghan Murphy Chicago, IL
2006 Patricia Pena Chicago, IL
2007 Allison Baccich Penning Chicago, IL
2005 Abby Poyser Naperville, IL
2008 Jen Rogers Chicago, IL
2005 Alysia Sargent Chicago, IL
1993 Brad Simmons Lake Forest, IL
2005 Roz Skozen Chicago, IL
1998 Jeremy Stierwalt Chicago, IL
2004 Jackie Teets Chicago, IL
2006 Torry Pavlovich Thornton Chicago, IL
1980 Barb Martin Tubekis Winnetka, IL
2005 Michael Vriner Brookfield, IL
2005 Matthew Whipple Chicago, IL


@PresidentCasey on Twitter

@SammySee_ I DO think there's pressure on DePauw students. I wish I could convince students that mistakes are ok, that learning is a process


Last Hoover Hall image of the day. This is the main room, looking toward Phi Psi. Sort of massive,…

5 days ago

Hoover Hall at DePauw looking ominous, and purple. In person it's actually starting to look amazing.

9 days ago

@kennyg26p2 let me see what we can do. I think you're right: we should have had a presence there. Regret we missed this opportunity.

10 days ago

Empty Welch Fitness Center at DePauw, Summer 15. In a few weeks, new DePauw seasons begin. Prepare now.

18 days ago

So I let myself into Welch Fitness for a workout. Empire of the Sun's "Alive" comes on the speakers. Where are the DePauw students? #bereft

19 days ago

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