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The Cleveland Regional Alumni Chapter develops, coordinates and promotes opportunities for involvement in the life of the University for alumni in the Cleveland region.


Meet the Cleveland Regional Chapter Leaders:

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2001 Shannon Greybar Milliken Cleveland, OH


@PresidentCasey on Twitter

Last Hoover Hall image of the day. This is the main room, looking toward Phi Psi. Sort of massive,…

3 days ago

Hoover Hall at DePauw looking ominous, and purple. In person it's actually starting to look amazing.

6 days ago

@kennyg26p2 let me see what we can do. I think you're right: we should have had a presence there. Regret we missed this opportunity.

8 days ago

Empty Welch Fitness Center at DePauw, Summer 15. In a few weeks, new DePauw seasons begin. Prepare now.

15 days ago

So I let myself into Welch Fitness for a workout. Empire of the Sun's "Alive" comes on the speakers. Where are the DePauw students? #bereft

16 days ago

On a plane with two seats on one side, one on the other. Got the single seat; its both window & aisle(!) It's The Holy Grail of travel.

17 days ago

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